Reality and Fantasy

October 23, 2013
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Chilling. Metallic. Firm.

Gliding the blade across my tongue, I allow the flavor of despair to seep deep in my chest. As if made of lead itself, my heart falls heavily on my lungs causing each inhale to be shallow.

Snapping my eyelids open, seconds slither by as my eyes adjust to the ink black surroundings. Finally, I advert my gaze to my prey. A woman with pale luminous skin lay exposed only to my lustful stare. Only a few scraps of cloth cover her assets, but her wrists and ankles are beautifully bound with coiled rope that strips her flesh. Her precious pink lips are tastefully parted with a gag, and her caramel curly hair looks like a halo.

As my index finger travels down her navel, her whole body shudders.

“I am only going to tell you one last time,” I murmur maliciously, “Keep still.”

The nameless victim whimpers in fear. Chuckling to amusement, my fingertips trace her chiseled jaw line longingly. Unable to contain herself, my prisoner thrashes against her restraints and moans in distress.

Bearing down on her, I whisper in her ear, “I’m sorry miss, but you made a grave mistake.”

With my final remarks, I plunge my weapon of choice in her abdomen- angling the blade so that it caught her young heart. A scream hitches in the back of her throat as my weapon hit its mark. Pleased- I watch as her foggy breathe faintly diminishes. Sliding the knife out of the body, blood oozes from the jagged wound and paints the pale corpse scarlet. I reach out and slide my fingers in her punctured side- coating them in the warm liquid. Using the same hand, I swear the red over both of the eyes. Then, her pink lips are colored red as I draw an arch over her mouth. Stepping back, I admire my creation- a bloody smiley face.

My body jolts to life. Perspiring profusely, a clammy hand runs through my sweat-soaked hair.

“What kind of sick dream was that?” I question fervently.

Stretching my aching joints, I sit up in the cozy bedding and flutter my eyelids open. Gasping in horror, my head spins at the nauseating sight before me. The pearl white sheets are streaked with red, and bloody hand prints seem to decorate the walls and furniture gruesomely. Shakily, I slide out of the covers and stare at a trail of scarlet footprints that emerge from a bathroom. Groggily following the path, I wander uneasily into the room.

The white tiled floor and walls reflects the hazy sunlight leaking through a small window. The only imperfections came from small puddles of dark liquid that trickles from a tub. Swallowing my fear and a little vomit, I inch closer to the ruby red stream.

All my muscles lock up when I behold the sight in front of me. A young woman lay murdered with blood pooled around her limp bare body. Gagging at the scene and smell, I spin away from the poor woman and stare at my reflection. I gasp loudly. My hair is highlighted with scarlet and my face is freckled with red. Lifting my hands to eye level, I notice dry blood coats my palms.
“This cannot be reality,” I faintly think as I spot a small bloody smiley face on the mirror.

Like lightning struck me, I spasm awake.

“What kind of weird dream was that?” I angrily think. Picking myself off the dusty hardwood floor, I shake my head.

“This has to be reality. That other guy must be a fantasy,” I assure myself. Sauntering over to the bed, I clamber onto the mattress. Sticky blood covers my limbs as I lay down parallel to my caramel haired victim. Feeling the heat radiating off her still chest, I snuggle up to her body. I yawn from my hard day’s work and gaze upper wards. Interestingly, some of the blood splatters on the ceiling seem to form another smiley face.

My heart races to life. I scramble off the white tiled floor and glance at the bathtub.

“Am I losing my mind? This has to be a dream! But if this is fantasy, I must be a coldblooded, crazy killer in reality. Even if this is reality, I am clearly a murderer. I’m coated with evidence! I am a blood thirsty beast and I have to put to rest the demons inside.”

Reaching towards the mirror, I pull on a handle to reveal a medicine cabinet. Grabbing as many bottles as possible, I pop open the lids and begin to sprinkle pills, of every color and shape, into a cup by the faucet. After I finish with the meds, I fill the cup to the brim with tap water. Toasting to the lifeless woman, I begin to chug my medicine martini. Throwing the glass to the ground, I wait for death. Suddenly, a searing pain rips through my intestines. Blackness creeps into the corners of my vision as I double over in pain. My knees buckle and I sink to the ground. Allowing my mind to completely numb, I release my tainted spirit- hoping that I don’t wake up as the psychopath.

Police Investigation
Victim 1: Julie Lucas
Approximate Time of Death: 8 PM Wednesday
Report: Killed by a knife wound to the neck. Believed to be murder. Unknown DNA are found on the body. Victim 2, her husband’s, fingerprints found on her chest. Found in the bathtub
Victim 2: Antoine Lucas
Approximate Time of Death: 7:30 AM Thursday
Report: Killed by ingesting and overdosing on prescription drugs- unknown at this time. Believed to be suicide- possible psychological problems. DNA found on Victim 1 is not a match. However, his fingerprints seem to show that he tried to save Victim 1 by chest compressions. Victim 2 was found on the bathroom floor with blood leaking from his eyes and mouth- probably from the medicines. Oddly, this victim died smiling.

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foxy_granny said...
Oct. 30, 2013 at 12:22 pm
amazing plot twists and great choice in vocabulary
MissMorghan replied...
Nov. 4, 2013 at 2:04 pm
Thank you for the feedback :)
TaylorG. said...
Oct. 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm
Awesome vocabulary choice. 
JulianaSanchez said...
Oct. 30, 2013 at 11:58 am
THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD ARTICLE. I loved it! Honestly It was good because of all the description and the plot twists. Where he died smiling had to be my favorite part.
MissMorghan replied...
Nov. 4, 2013 at 2:03 pm
Thanks so much!
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