When Darkness Falls

October 11, 2013
By Brandon Modrell BRONZE, Paxton, Nebraska
Brandon Modrell BRONZE, Paxton, Nebraska
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“AAAAAHHHH!” I start screaming. I don’t know why. I am sitting in class. Everyone is starring at me. What is going on?
Twenty minutes earlier.
Hi, my name is Alex Jones. I am sitting in class doing math. I start to daydream because I am bored. Every day I do the same thing in math. My dreams are getting weirder and weirder. It started to scare me, but I thought nothing of it. Then I start screaming. I don’t know why. I am sitting in class. Everyone is starring at me. What is going on? My teacher stands me up and walks me to the counselor’s office. They are asking me a lot of questions. So, I told them about everything I could remember. Next thing I knew, the cops were there and they were putting me in a big white van. We showed up at this big white building, which looked like a prison. There are bars on the windows and fencing surrounding it. So I didn’t know what to think, I thought I was in trouble.

They put me in a room by myself. I glimpsed around, trying to figure out what was going on. It was about three hours and I started screaming again. There were three people that came in, they were all wearing white. They sat me down and asked me many more questions. They were running tests. The night came and there was, a shady corner in the side of the room, I thought I saw something. So, I walked over to it. It was a little girl sitting there. I went to touch her on the shoulder as I got closer and she freaked out. She started running at me and bit me on the arm. The last thing I remember was I passed out.

The next morning, the nurses walked in. I was sitting in the corner rocking back and forth. They tried touching me, and I screamed so they left. A few days later, the tests came in. They told me they were all negative, so that must mean only one thing. Then they tried telling me that I wasn’t crazy and all of this was actually happening. They said they were going to do some research, and be back to update me tomorrow. They figured out that this has gone through my family for generations. I was lying there that night and that girl was back. She tried telling me something, but I didn’t know what she said, then, she wrapped her hands around my neck and squeezed. I remember gasping for air. Then all of a sudden, she disappeared and the nurses walked in.

I don’t remember anything to this day, but, what I do know is I am sixty-four years old. I am on twenty-four hour watch, all day every day. Just recently, I heard my brother disappeared, and no one knows where he is. I barely know who I am anymore. I learned something new today, and that is, that my name is Alex Jones.

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My favorite sport is football.

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