A Nightmare House

October 11, 2013
By Jenkins99 BRONZE, Paxton, Nebraska
Jenkins99 BRONZE, Paxton, Nebraska
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Freddy was from a small town called Elm Ford. He moved to a town called Moose-Lane. The house he moved to had been abandoned for 20 years, since 1936. The owner had told Freddy that the last people to live there left in a hurry. Freddy had two sisters, Jena and a younger sister named Mary. Little Mary was always trying to get Freddy in trouble. He also had a dog that he was always with. The dogs name is Buster. Freddy’s mom works for AHI (Alien Hunters International). Freddy didn’t know where his dad was, his mom had never told him where he went. Freddy had always liked sports, even though he wasn’t the best at them. He was never the fastest or strongest, but he was still pretty good at them. He had always done everything with his best friend Jackson; Jackson was Freddy’s adopted brother. Jackson’s parents had died in a car crash a few years ago. Every night Jackson cries. We will start from the first morning at Freddy’s new house.
Freddy woke up to the smell of bacon. He heard the voices of his sisters, and his brother. He didn’t hear his mom, but this was normal. His mom had to go to work early in the morning. His dog jumped up on his bed and started licking his face. He was laughing and telling Buster to stop. The boy had had Buster since he was a puppy. Buster had always been one of Freddy’s best friends.
Freddy finally got out of bed and got dressed. He then went downstairs where he was greeted with a great breakfast that insisted of bacon, pancakes, sausage and toast. Well it would have been great if anyone but his sister would have made it. So Freddy just had a bowl of cereal. Since Freddy’s mom was always gone, Freddy’s sister Jean had to cook. She was getting better at it but it still tasted pretty nasty.
After breakfast Jackson and Freddy rode their bike around town to see where everything is. After they had explored the town for a few hours, they went home and looked around their house. While Jackson and Freddy were looking around they found the door to a cellar. Freddy said to Jackson, “I dare you to go down there.”
Jackson said, “Not unless you go with.”
“OK”, Said Freddy. They pulled on the cellar door. It was stuck.
Freddy said, “On the count of three pull as hard as you can. 1…2…3 Pull.”
They both pulled as hard as they could. Finally after struggling for a few minutes the door broke open. As it opened the boys felt a cool rush of air escape the cellar. They slowly crept down the stairs, frightened by what might be down there. When they got to the bottom, they saw that all that was down there were some shelves filled with cans of food. The cellar was fairly big. It looked like there were over 200 cans of food. They were down there for a few minutes. Freddy was looking at the food. Jackson suddenly said, “Did you hear that? It sounded like someone was walking over there.”
Jackson pointed to another room that Freddy hasn’t noticed. They were quiet for a few minutes. Then the scared boy heard the footsteps too. It sounded like they were coming toward Freddy and Jackson. Freddy was feeling very frightened. When they finally stopped, it sounded like the footsteps were right in front of Freddy. Freddy and Jackson started to back away slowly.
All of a sudden there was a blood-curling scream right in front of Freddy. Jackson and Freddy took off toward the stairs. It sounded like there was someone right behind Freddy. When Freddy reached the stairs he felt something pull him. He tumbled back down the stairs. Once he reached the bottom he got back up and took off up the stairs. He didn’t even worry about the bruised bone. Once he reached the top he slammed the cellar door shut. Then Freddy and Jackson ran to the house.
They finally got to the door. They went inside shut and locked the door. They ran upstairs and locked themselves in their room.
Jackson asked, “What do you think that was?”
Freddy said.“I have no clue.” They were silent for a few minutes.
Then Freddy said, “Lets hope it didn’t escape the cellar.” Jackson asked, “What happened to you? You were right behind me then, all of a sudden you were back at the bottom of the stairs on the ground.” It was then that Freddy noticed that he was hurting.
Freddy replied, “Something pulled me back down the stairs.”
Jackson Said, “That’s impossible.”
Freddy Said, “Something really pulled me plus you heard that scream and those footstep come out of nowhere.” After a while the two boys went back down stairs. Their sisters were wondering what happened to them. The boys told them that they were just playing a game.
Later that night the boys were getting ready for bed. The girls were already asleep. The boys heard voices downstairs. So the boys went to see if the girls had woke up. When they got to the girl’s room they slowly opened the door. Both the girls were in bed. Suddenly the voices changed to crying. It sounded like a lady crying. Freddy was starting to get worried. Jackson said, “Maybe mom is home.” That helped Freddy a little. They walked back to their room. They grabbed a baseball bat and a golf club. They walked down the hall. Jean came out and asked, “Who’s crying?”
Freddy said, “We don’t know. It might be mom.”
Jean said, “Mom doesn’t get home until 1:00 AM. It is only 11:00.” Now Freddy was worried again. Jean went in and grabbed a hockey stick. All three slowly walked downstairs. When they got downstairs the crying got louder. Freddy was really scared. They started walking toward the source of the crying. They got to the Front Room. They walked in. There was a girl with a white dress sitting on the couch. She had black hair. Her eyes were white. She slowly turned her head toward the three kids. Then she said, “Why are you guys in my house?”
Freddy said, “It isn’t yours, this house this is ours.”
The girls said, “This is my house I have lived here for 100 years. I accidently burnt the original down. Then I lived in this one.”
Freddy was scared. He said,“ No just get out of our house.”
The girl disappeared. They could hear footsteps walking toward them. Freddy was suddenly pushed down. The front door opened then slammed shut. The girl was gone for now.

The author's comments:
I have just always liked ghost stories. So when our teacher told us that we were going to do fictional stories.

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