October 11, 2013

J.Z looks out towards the window to find a family playing on the beach. J.Z frowns as he remembers that dreadful night. He was awoken by the piercing scream of his sister. Realizing something is wrong; he jogged to his parent’s room. He breaks through the door and found blood stained on the wall. Scanning the room he sees a dark figure is standing in the middle of the room. J.Z reaches for the light, he finds his parents and his sister dead on the floor. Without a second thought, J.Z charges at the dark figure. The figure just brushes him aside “If you think you can take me, you’ll have to try harder.” J.Z bewildered watches as the dark figure walk away, as J.Z looks at his no-longer family. He vows to avenge his family.

J.Z didn’t realize it was dark when Usher enter the room. Usher, his best friend, realizes that J.Z experience another flashback. He grabs the dummy across the room, throws it towards him. Then, J.Z beats it senseless, he grabs his sword and cuts it to pieces. Then, he grip the bed and throws it out the window. Usher groaning, walks over to J.Z and said,
“DUDE!” “Are you serious? We may be rich but we cannot afford you breaking all of our beds.”
“What do you want anyway? Found a lead on the killer or what?”
“Of course I found one.”
“Whatever, lets go next week.”
“First, we got to buy supplies.”

Usher walks up to the hidden door behind the dumpster and taps three times and opens the door, wearing a trench coat. Usher walks up to the market salesman selling rocket launchers. Usher said, “Got the new shipment?” “Yeah I do, what do you think I am?” The dealer exclaimed, as he brought out the rocket launcher. Usher examines the gun, thanks him then pulls out a SMG P90 with a silencer. He shoots him two times in the chest. Then, Usher goes on to the next shop, then the next, and the next. Doing the same thing over, while dropping off the weapons in the 2009 Ferrari 599XX. As Usher is walking through the all shops he’s remember the time when he first met J.Z.

Usher is walking down the street approaching the 15-year-old boy in. He brings out his knife, but still concealing it. When he past the boy he lunges at his back, even though he’s 13 he can still take him. The boy knew it was coming grabbed Usher and flipped him on the ground. The boy asked, “Why did you attack me”
“It felt fun.” The boy releases Usher and asks him to follow. Usher thought, “Why should I follow this kid? Oh well, I have nothing better to do” He follows him down the street.

As Usher drives up to the beach house they found abandoned two years ago, he brings in the supplies into the basement, typing in the code to the armory.

Then Usher and J.Z prepare to find the lead that’s in Dallas, Texas. They track down the “Target: Killer associate” Usher tends to always pick dumb names for the targets. They track down the target to an alley and drag him back to Miami. When they interrogate the target, they find out that the killer name is D-Dog and he is based in New York. When they finish him. They call the cops and say there’s a mass murder in the car of 4th and 8th. When they dumped the target in the car.

They go to New York they see the building where D-Dog’s headquarters. Usher walks up, busting in guns blazing. While J.Z is knocking everyone out with is martial art. But Usher got to cocky and got both of them caught. They wake up to find themselves in a dimly lit room. D-Dog walks in with a knife in his hand. “Oh, you come here and expect to succeed” D-Dog laughed. Both Usher and J.Z keep quiet. “So? You’re not talking also? Well I think I can fix that.” He said as he walks over to Usher. J.Z had a bad feeling in the pit of the stomach when he reaches Usher. D-Dog brings up the knife and cuts Ushers neck. J.Z trashes about, trying to lung at D-Dog. D-Dog leaves J.Z in the pit of his loneliness, leaving J.Z to look at Ushers dead body.

J.Z counting the 15 days he’s been in the room. The guards didn’t realize that J.Z has been wearing down the rope trying to break free. When he had the last strip off, he breaks free and goes on a murderous rampage. Cutting everybody down in his path. He realize when his blade went from silver and clean to dark and bloody red. When he finally reaches D-Dog, he soaked in sweat and he feels like he ran a hundred miles. But his rage could take him another hundred thousand miles. He doesn’t he care what D-Dog is even talking about; all he cares about is avenging his family and Usher.

He lunges at D-Dog tackling him out of the window, without realizing he’s in a skyscraper. He didn’t even care about endangering himself; all he sees is D-Dog and is death. As he’s falling through the sky he wonders why did D-Dog do it in the first place? What will happen to him? But he knows that once he sees D-Dog dead it wouldn’t matter what will happen.

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