The Butcher and the Farmer

September 25, 2013
A long time ago there lived a farmer and his child. A butcher who was very close to the child lived next door. Every morning the farmer tilled the ground while his child slept and the butcher cut meat. One day the farmer was succumbed to debt and decided to ask the butcher for money. The butcher gladly gave, but for a price, one of the farmers pigs every week. They both lived their normal lives cutting meat and tilling ground and making a well earned profit like they usually did, but now the farmer has one less mouth to feed every week and the butcher has one more pig to cut. One week all the farmer's pigs have died of disease that swept through the land. He failed to pay the butcher debt he has not yet fulfilled, in which the butcher grows angry and threatened to take the farmers land, suing him for all he's worth. Without thinking, the farmer's head clouds with and maniac rage, picks up a butcher knife in plunges it in the butchers body repeatedly until he was dead, crimson blood on his white apron and flowing to the drain in the floor. The farmer held nothing back and when it was over he knew not what he done but had exceeding joy when he found the bloody knife in his hand and the butcher dead. The farmer, knowing his child was close to the butcher and would die of sadness to the kind, yet demanding entrepreneur, chops the butcher up and feeds him to the dogs, lest the daughter knows he was murdered. A week later, a storm beat vehemently at the farmers cottage and a ominous knock struck the farmers door. He opened the door and to his dismay and coherent terror, the butcher stood before him. Crimson red apron, clearly chopped skin and a demonic grin with dead eyes.
"I've come for my payment." The lightning illuminated him and the glint of the knife in his neck was blinding and his smile bloodcurdling, his arms lay limp at his sides with blood running down his face dulling the bright white smile. The farmer shut the door with haste because he knew he was dreaming. A simple hallucination of his past and dastardly deed. He turned and the butcher appeared before him. "I've come for my payment." The farmer ran with a look of terror to his face but the butcher caught him. "I've come for my payment." He grabbed the farmer and pulled the butcher knife from his neck. "Revenge. HAHAH!" The butcher slew the farmer, hacking him spraying blood. The butchers smile never left and his eyes never blinked as the acrid liquid stained the white walls. The butcher continued to hack relentlessly until the farmer was all but dogs food. The rain on the window pane was all the was left once the farmers agonized screams subsided. The child slept, tormented by nightmarish cries she thought all but a dream. Time passed and a tasty smell wafted through the house and the child awoke and walked down the stairs with her doll in hand to the kitchen and rubbed her weary eyes. "Daddy....?"
"No. Tis the butcher."
"Why are you red?”
"Tis matters not. But I've cooked you a meal. I've called it, the farmer. "

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