The Confused Mother

August 17, 2013
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It was 9am and I had just awakened. I remember I had to feed my child!
So I went into her bedroom to wake her up and shower but she wasn’t there;
I searched the house from bottom to top but there was still no sign of her!
Where could Alicia be? I asked neighbors, her friends and I evened called some of my friends and family members! No one had seen her. Suddenly I had a panic attack; my mom came over to help me being to make flyers, but before I did anything else I went to the police department to file a missing report. They said that there was no help for me, to come back in 48 hours. Before I knew it I “blanked” out on one of the officers. It had already begun to feel like nobody cared about my precious Alicia. How could the world be so cruel and give Crime a standing ovation? So I was going thru some of my husband old things when I seen in contact book, to see if I contact any of his family. When the phone rang, I suddenly felt joy again that maybe that was my Alicia calling home or maybe some found her. Turns out it was a Man that I tried to hide from all these years. His name was Jason, he told me that he had my daughter that she was beautiful and that she was just like her mother, a slut that’s what he called me. He said to me You’re Out Of Time, Your Daughter is dead and buried right beside her father! He began to tell me how he had drug me up a week ago, that he had kidnapped her the same night. Why did he kill his child

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shaw74 said...
Aug. 26, 2013 at 2:50 pm
This is a very interesting story. I like your use of word choice. But is there a continuation? I feel like you could continue the story.
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