The Woods

July 26, 2013
By Wallypenguin PLATINUM, Brunswick, Georgia
Wallypenguin PLATINUM, Brunswick, Georgia
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Once upon a time a young boy lived out in the woods with his widowed mother. The boy was quite content in there small cottage with its small rooms and cozy fireplace. This cottage was very old and had been on the same plot of land for over 150 years.
          One day the boy's mother, Teresa, went out into the woods to pick some berries for a nice desert to finish off the meal she had planned. The boy, Nick stayed back in the cottage because he was convinced there was a ghost in the woods. When Teresa didn't return to the cottage Nick became very frightened. He tried to distract himself by reading one of his favorite books, however his mind kept drifting to his mother out in the woods probably lost,alone, and scared. Nick became increasingly worried as the agonizing hours of wait continued to roll by.
          Nick was overjoyed when he heard the knock on the door the next day. He thought it was his mother coming home to tell him everything was alright and that she had just gotten lost. He was wrong. Dead wrong. It was the police who had showed up. They told him they had grave news. Nick was very scared at this point. He politely asked what the news was although he thought he already knew. They told him she had been found hanging from a tree. Nicks tears became sobs within seconds, and the sobs turned into furious screams. He yelled and yelled and nothing the police men could do would calm him down so they just dragged him into the police car.
          When they arrived at the station Nick's yelling had been reduced down to tears again. The police explained how an old man had been taking a hike when he found the lady hung by her neck in a tree. He hastily called the police station and she had been identified by the ID she always had on her. The police told Nick that everything would be fine and he was going to be put in a Foster care home with a loving family.

Nick hated the Parson family. The were his foster family. They were terrible people who never gave him enough to eat and he was mistreated. His only escape from the Parsons was in his dreams. He dreamed of being home with his mother in their cozy cottage in the woods, and he dreamed of being able to talk with his mother again. He missed her ever so much.
          One night after two scraps of bread and a glass of water Nick went up to his room to read. As he read the words began to swirl on the page. He thought it was from the food deprivation so he blinked several times, yet the words began to swirl. As he watched mesmerized they formed a message. " Come to the forest, and find the red scarf." it read. Nick pondered the message then decided he was tired and that it was just his imagination so he went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning he opened his book and the message was still there. He thought it was from his dearly departed mother so first thing that morning while the Parsons were still sleeping he slipped away into the woods.
As he walked through the dark woods he came upon a scarf caught in the twisted twigs of a dead tree.  He knew this was the sign he was looking for, but there was nobody there when he arrived so he sat and waited. He waited for over two hours, but nobody showed up. Just as he was giving up and leaving a man jumped out of the brush. Nick screamed because he thought the man was going to kill him, but on a second glance he noticed the man was faintly transparent. He was mystified. He had been right about the ghost in the woods. Even though he knew it was a ghost he quickly became quite terrified because of what the man was carrying.
          He held a long rope wrapped around a transparent woman with a worried look on her face. Nick saw that it was his mother. The ghost of the man told Nick that he had possessed her to make her hang herself as he would soon do to him. Nick's mother screamed, she had no desire to see her only son hang himself. The killer's ghost then approached Nick with a joyful gleam in his eyes. It was obvious to Nick that he did this for fun now that he was dead. His mother screamed at him to run. He didn't need to be told twice as he began running from the ghost. He heard a thunk next to him. He turned around just long enough to see that it was a knife with a gnarled point. He turned back around just in time to miss yet another knife. As he ran, Nick soon became tired and began to stumble. Knives flew closer to him and he knew the ghost was closer. Then he tripped on a root, and a knife flew into his side. He screamed out in agony and fell onto the ground.
           He was immense pain, and wanted it all to end. He wondered where the proverbial tunnel of light was. Nick began to lose consciousness. The last thing he saw was the killer ghost approaching him with a rope.
           Nick’s limp body was later found hanging from the trees in the woods. From then on nobody ever entered the woods unless they were lost or simply needed some berries for dinner.

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