The souls tied through an inexplicable bond

July 22, 2013
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John started to be restless. He stared downwards as he plodded towards the avenue from this abandoned shadowy lane. The woman was prowling towards him. Was he really to filch the woman’s purse? He had to. He had to perform the felony for his old man.

He swiftly punched the lady with his fist and took the purse away. He scuttled away but the lady did not pursue after him. However he did not care. He was persistent in his scurrying. He did not stop. Not even for a breath of air. When he could no longer carry on he began to gasp for air. He was dead on his feet. It was like the entire vivacity for running had been drained out of his two legs. He took a glimpse of the view behind him. The lady was not nearby.

He opened the purse. There was dollar seventeen. That was an adequate amount of money for him. He scampered to the nearest store and paid money for several goods. He then carried these goods to a house of two storeys. Through the door, up the stairs into a well furnished room he put the good in a table. Controlling his agitation he went to bed, near him.

An aged man lay in front of him. He was worn out, white hair, close-shaven, wearing glasses and two hands clutched together over his own shirt.

“Grandpa, grandpa! Speak, why are you so silent? Answer me. Grandpa!”

He quickly took the old man’s hand and checked for his pulse. He fell back leaving his dear old man’s hands. He wailed out and screamed. He could no longer control himself. The old man that he had lived for was no more in this world but somewhere in heaven.

He gazed at the minute quantity of gleaming pallid stars in the night sky, which was tinted with a deep blue paint. He longed to perceive these stars as fairies, for he was craving to meet up with them for it is the only supernatural being which could fulfill his deepest desires and aspirations.

The panorama of the night sky seemed very void and vacant having very few blotches speckled in the deep blue paint and that one of these stars dazzled much brighter than any of the others, as if it was his grandpa giving his grandson a hand for him to climb up to him and so they could live there blissfully ever after. John soared high over the window to catch that hand. He caught that hand as well as gave up his soul at that very night…………
The grocery was still there untouched. A lady entered. It was the same lady whose purse had been stolen! She simply took the body of the old man and the young boy and buried it. She then took the grocery and simply strolled away fading away in the surrounding darkness………

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