The abandoned house

June 25, 2013
By , Holmdel, NJ
Mikey- Investigator
Danny- Follows Mikey
Connor- Kid they meet in the abandoned house
Mikey and Danny were walking along the sidewalk and see a house that has been abandoned for 20 years.
Mikey- “Hey Danny have you ever heard about the myths about the house over there.”
Danny- “Yeah, I heard the previous owner has killed his wife and hung himself. Ever since it has been abandoned.”
Mikey-“ How about we go inside the house.”
Danny- “Are you crazy Mikey!”
Mikey- “What are you chicken?”
Danny- “No I am smart.”
Mikey- “Come on, it will be fun.”
Danny- “Fine but if your scared don’t crying to me.”
Mikey and Danny enter the house in fear.
Danny-“I don’t know if this is safe Mikey. Floors have been creaking and it know one has been in the house for 20 years.”
Mikey- “It’s perfectly fine Danny, quit being a baby
Danny- Mikey don’t step there!
Danny- “Mikey I got you!”
Mikey-“Thank you for pulling me up. I was almost as dead as the leaves in the woods.
Danny-“I would do anything for a bro.”
Mikey-“Did you just here a voice.”
Danny- “It sounded like the devil.”
Mikey-“Stop over reacting, lets walk towards.”
The floor kept screeching eeeeeeeeeeee.
Mikey-“I think we are close to the voice Danny.”
All of a sudden a head popped out of the corner and scared Mikey and Danny.
Danny-“O my god who are you?”
Boy who they met-“My name is Connor, your guys eyes popped out of your head like a Jack in the Box.”
Danny-“Mikey can we please get out of here?”
Mikey-“Yes hurry run out of here!”
Connor-“I am coming with you guys.”
Danny-“Yeah that’s fine come on let’s get out of here.”
Mikey-“Come on hurry the place is falling apart.”
Danny-“Run were almost out.”
Connor-“Thank god we got out of the house.”
Mikey-“Yeah I learned my lesson never go in the abandoned house.”

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