The Motel

June 15, 2013
My head throbbed with a sharp pain. I struggled to open my eyes and I glanced around. I saw a dark silhouette lumbering towards me. With a gasp, I pulled myself up as his face became visible. I saw a man in all black with a scar running down the side of his face.

“Welcome to the Abyss Motel,” the man in black said.

I looked around the bedroom, not sure what to say. “Who are you?,” I asked.

“I am Dr. Frederick Murphy, the owner of this motel,” he said. “I heard a crash and found you in your van sinking into the swamps, so I lifted you out.”

I scratch my head trying to remember the events that Dr. Murphy was describing, but I couldn’t remember them. I couldn’t even remember my own name.

“You are welcome to stay here for the rest of the day, but then you must be on your way, because our rooms are booked.” I nodded my head and thanked him, and he began to walk out of the room, but then as he was about to slip out he paused.

“Just whatever you do...don’t go in the cellar’s off limits. “ And with those cryptic words, he left the room. I sighed and looked around seeing nothing of interest besides a deer head on the wall. I dragged my feet off the bed and got up, and the wooden floor groaned with me. I exited the room and descended the stairs, passing by other rooms as I went. I came down to the lobby, with a grand carpet and many paintings, such as maps and photos of the swamps.

Not seeing anything of interest, I walked out the back door of the motel and into the yard. I saw some picnic tables, and many banyan trees. I passed by the cellar entrance and the barnyard on the other side of the house. I walked past the trees and the garden as I went into the thick of the swamp. After a while of strolling through the swamps I heard a loud, mechanical sounding shrill pierce the air.
I jumped, wondering what it was. I took off running in the direction of the whirl, limping as I went. I jumped a creek and came to clearing in the swamps to see a large circular shaped rotating disc come down to the ground. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like a UFO or a spaceship of some kind. I heard a whoosh and a side of the spaceship came down to form a ramp and a three foot tall green man with a thin head and red eyes slogged his way over to me. The tentacles around his mouth swished as it spoke. “Show me the way to the cellar,” it said.

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