A mysterious day

June 15, 2013
On august 15 2017, it was I and my friends. We went on a walk and passed by one of the best stores in the country located in Cincinnati Ohio. There was this shoes that I had seen five months ago, and said I’m not going to surrender until I get the shoes into my own two hands. We walked for almost 2 hours, and returned back to the location where the store was, and entered the building. We took 30 minutes exploring the store but we couldn’t spot the shoes. I asked one of the workers at the store if the shoes were still available online or at any other location but she said “every store in Cincinnati ran out of those shoes but there were only this one store with one pair of shoes remaining it’s located at spring field Ohio. It took 4 hours driving to get there and 6 hours taking a bus. We didn’t want to associate this with anyone so we decided to take the bus to spring field Ohio. The first three hours went great but the rest seemed very terrible, our stomachs were killing us, so we stopped by a food store and bought ourselves a couple of drinks and some junk food. The 6 hours past and we arrived at our destination, it was really hot but we were not going to yield. We got in but still couldn’t find the shoes. We repeated the same method and asked the worker at that store and said someone just bought it few minutes ago. We negotiated and said we had to find the person who bought and repay him for the shoes no matter how much it would cost us. We walked another 30 minutes and found a person wearing the same shoes as the ones we were trying to find, so we told him what our problem was and told him we wanted to buy his shoes, but he was very hesitant so we decided to set him a price and he suddenly agreed and gave us the shoes. We were very pleased to accomplish our mission, but we still had one obstacle. It was 5 pm and it took us 6 hours to get home and we didn’t have any transportation to get us home in a short time. Suddenly someone came and asked if we needed a ride and there was no way we could have said no. we got in the car shot the doors and “Home” here we come.

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