June 15, 2013
By , Clio, MI
The rain fell against the glass window. Young Kristin Anderson watched it drop into the night with anticipation. It was 10:50 p.m., when Kristin looked down at her watch. She was supposed to meet someone at a small restaurant at 11:00 p.m.. A waitress came up to her booth and smiled. “What do you want to order?” she asked. “Just a cup of coffee.” Kristin answered. Then the waitress left for a few moments and came back with the cup of coffee. She sat it down on the wooden table and looked back at Kristen. “That will be all.” said Kristin a little too snippy. The waitress nodded and left.

Kristin looked back at the window, seeing her reflection staring right back her as well. It was pitch black outside and there was only a few lampposts shimmering in the dark. The streets looked empty and deserted. Kristin only saw a few bright headlights of cars zoom by and that was it. She sipped her steaming cup of coffee and sighed. As she sat there she wondered if the person would show up. There were only a few people in the restaurant. She could hear them chatting and talking. Warm lights flooded the place making it look cheerful and friendly. Kristen felt anything but that.

Kristin looked down at her watch again, 11:04. As each minute passed by, she was getting more nervous. Her skin crawled and there was a lump in her throat. “Something doesn’t feel right” thought Kristin. Yesterday she received a letter from her Aunt Rachael which said she was coming over to visit, to see if Kristin was alright. Then it said to meet her at a small restaurant on 1552 Leah Street. They were to meet at 11:00 p.m.

Kristin was surprised that her aunt Rachael was coming over. Visits from her didn’t happen very often. Rachael raised her when her parents passed away. Her aunt was probably worried about the trial tomorrow. She was a witness to a murder case. Kristin was a key witness and had to testify in court. “She should be here at any moment” thought Kristin. Aunt Rachael was one of only few people she trusted. Kristin had difficulty trusting other people because she grew up in a bad neighborhood. People were always lying and stealing to get what they wanted. She learned how to push others away, having no confidence in them. But sometimes she felt sad and lonely. She wished that one day she could trust again.

It was now 11:25 and the restaurant was starting to close. “This is silly.” thought Kristin as she kept searching around the restaurant for Aunt Rachael. “I need to get ready for the trial tomorrow. “ What’s taking her so long?” Then suddenly her cell phone rang. Expecting to be Aunt Rachael, she picked it up and answered, “Hello.” She was shocked that it was a male voice on the line. “You’re being watched. Don’t panic and just stay calm!” said a mysterious voice.

Kristin froze! Her heart started pounding. “Who is this and what’s going on?” asked Kristin. “Doesn’t matter.” said the voice. “All you need to do is go outside. Don’t go home because there is someone waiting for you. Walk down and turn right. Then head towards a place called Karnes. Please hurry someone is after you!”

After her? Who was after her? Should she trust this voice? Doubt crept into her as she listened to what the voice said. “Why should I trust you?” protested Kristin. “Please Miss. Anderson” begged the voice. “Someone is going to hurt you and you can trust me. I’m sure.” Then the line went dead, leaving nothing but an eerie silence. Kristin got up and paid for her coffee, then went outside into the cold and raining night.

She wrapped her coat around herself and made stride down the sidewalk. Buildings seem too creep up all around her. The rain was drenching her; everything seemed to look isolated and eerie. As she kept on walking, she noticed a steel gray and black car. It was following her slowly down the road right on her heels. She walked even faster, but the car still kept pace with her. Her heart was pounding again. She could feel her breathing accelerating. Then somehow every gut instinct told her to run.

Kristin sprinted fast, feeling a gust of wind pushing against her. She ran with all her might. Then she heard the car swerve and groan. Kristin turned her head and terror seized her. The black car sprung forward, aiming directly at her. Kristin screamed as the black, monstrous car was about to crush her flat. Her heart jumped through her chest as her life flashed before her.

Then suddenly, her survival instinct took hold again. She dodged quickly away from the car, as it crashed into the wall on the other side of her with full force. Kristin ran like a bullet and didn’t turn back. When she was far away, she found an ally to hide in and then called 911.

The police showed up a few moments later. It seemed as though there were lights flashing blue and red everywhere. As Kristin came out of the ally looking wet and scared, a policewoman wrapped a blanket around her. Then they bombarded her with a ton of questions. She told them everything. She felt like she could trust the Authorities. Kristen led them over to the black car. The front of the car was now crushed in and steam was pouring out. There was still a man inside gushing blood from his head. Upon further investigation it was found out that it was Jack Markus. The same man Kristin was testifying against in court. He had just escaped from prison the night before.

The rain had stopped and the night air was still. Kristin watched the policemen work, while she sat on a bench. She found out that the letter was a fake. It was a trap to set her up and have her killed. So now she wouldn’t testify in court. Jack was going away for a long time without her help. Kristin shivered at the thought of it.
“Are you alright?” asked a voice that she somewhat recognized. She looked up and saw a young man staring down at her. He smiled at her. “Who are you?” asked Kristin. The man sighed, “My name is Darrell Stride. In case you’re wondering, I was the one who called you at the restaurant.” There was a slight pause as Kristin stared at him. Darrell sighed again, “I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you early and I’m sorry about the car incident. I should have known what he was going to do next.” Darrell looked guiltily at her but Kristin just smiled and looked him in the eye. “Thank you Darrell, you probably save my life. I would have got into more trouble if you hadn’t called.” She stood up and smiled at him again. Darrell smiled back. Understanding each other, they went their separate ways. Kristin left the scene and looked ahead with hope in her eyes. She finally felt she could start trusting again.

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