The Reflection in the Mirror

May 30, 2013
By ChloeK SILVER, Greenfield, Massachusetts
ChloeK SILVER, Greenfield, Massachusetts
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Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice, but what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire, but if I had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, to say that for destruction ice is also great, and would suffice

The wind howls at my window, rattling the panes. The stairs creak each time something hits them. I feel a chill go up my spine, causing goosebumps to slowly rise on my bare skin. I pull the blanket up to my chin so just my eyes show. We moved into this house three years ago, but were only recently told of what happened here. Sixty years ago, this quaint, old town in Rhode Island was shaken up by The Shadow. Some say the shadow lived in this very room. The big window overlooked the whole town. There was a telescope set up right by the window, that is now covered in dust. It all started when people started seeing strange shadows, in the woods. Then one by one, adults and children, slowly disappeared until this town of 650, turned into a town with less than 100 people living in it. People started moving away, or locking their doors, as none of them would ever want to have to live through something that terrible. The Shadow was never seen again until recently.....three years earlier.....

“Oh, honey look at this place!” my mom gushed. This was the first time we moved since my dad passed away. To me this place looked like a set of a horror movie. We brought a few boxes in and let the moving guys bring in the rest. They exchanged glances with each other a few times before entering the house. It was almost like they held a secret that we weren't supposed to know. I pondered their looks and asked what was wrong. They set the boxes down without any recognition of me even speaking. The truck sped away leaving a huge cloud of dust swirling around our driveway. I felt my mom grab my shoulders from behind, then she told me to go pick out a room. She seemed to be so excited, so instead of ruining her happiness, I climbed the long stairs to the second floor. There were four doors on each side of the hallway. My mom yelled up from downstairs, “ We could have rooms next to each other if you want!”
“ Thanks, but no!” I called in a calm manner. Okay, I told myself, choose wisely. I got to the end of the hall and opened the last door. It was dark, so I felt around on the wall for the lightswitch, but I couldn’t find one. Finally, I tried reaching up and felt a string to turn the light on. Slowly, the light flickered on. I looked up and saw a dusty staircase, that looked like it led to an old attic. The air smelled musty, and kind of like mothballs. The stairs creaked when I walked up them. Once I got to the top of the stairs, I saw that the attic was filled with books, and I saw some gross mold growing on the ceiling. I looked straight ahead, and saw a huge window, with a telescope right in front of it. I walked over and looked through the telescope. It was positioned so it looked as if it was pointing to this a particular house, way off into the distance. I sat down on the bed and pulled the scratchy quilt over my legs. I grabbed my computer bag, and opened up my laptop. The room was only lit from a single light bulb, suddenly got a lot brighter from the glowing screen of my computer. I quickly typed in our address, 108 Ocean Avenue,Coventry, RI. A bunch of results popped up, Rhode Island Murders Fact or Fiction? Mass Murder in Rhode Island! I scrolled through the results faster and faster, until I stopped and realized, we were living in, a house filled with nightmares. I opened every single door in the hallway and walked into each one. The first room was filled with children’s toys, and scribbles of crayons all over the wall. The second room filled was entirely with posters of boy bands from the 70’s; this must’ve been a teenage girl's room. The one other room I looked at had a bunk bed placed in the center of the room. A closet was on the opposite side of the room. I walked over to the closet and pulled on the brass handles, until the heavy door slowly creaked open. In the middle of the closet, there was a table set up with candles, and a doll sitting on the table facing towards the mirror. As I backed out, I saw the doll slowly lift her hand, in the reflection of the mirror. I slammed the door shut, and ran down the stairs to my mom, who was unpacking. “Mom, Mom! Come upstairs, there's a...there's a...Mom? Mom?” I turned around the corner into the kitchen and saw my mom lying on the floor...dead. I ran through the door where the doll was.I pulled the closet door open, causing some of the wood to splinter. Just then, I felt four little fingers, slowly move up and down my leg.

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BreanaLeighh said...
on Jun. 5 2013 at 9:52 am
BreanaLeighh, Blairsburg, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
Would you live for nothing, or die for something?

I loved this piece! Keep it up! (:


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