Full of Life

May 20, 2013
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"Where could they have gone?" he struggled to whispered,"They were just here..."

Zayne awoke to the pain in his chest. Someone was over him. Pressing on him. He couldn't breathe. Somewhere metal was clanging. Something rhythmic, electronic. The lights burned his eyes. He could hear the crying of his hopeful family. He tried to speak but, he was in shock. His tongue felt swollen. He attempted again but, could only get out a mumble. It took awhile to get louder and a lot of tries. The nurse spoke to his family. He was confused and scared.

He mumbled to the doctor, "They were so beautiful..."

The nurse looked at the doctor as if with a confused question... "Did he just say something?"

"I think that he said, 'They were beautiful.'"

"Who are they?" The nurse asked him.

"I have no idea," the doctor replied.

Zayne felt very sleepy now. His eyes fluttered closed. He felt a burst of happiness. The monitor went blank. Everyone rushed around the room. The family started to lose hope. He wasn't really there anymore. "Help him please!!!," the wife and daughter cried. The doctor struggled hard to revive him. A flicker of life came across the screen. They could hear a soft heartbeat. The nurse prepped the AED one more time. He was back. Zayne gasped for the breath that he lacked. Doctor Grimm said, "Well the third time is always a charm." Zayne looked at his family and smiled. He laid there very happy even though he was in pain.
For the last time he fell to a deep sleep that was unchangeable. He dissolved like a ghost. He felt exuberant and had no pain at all. He had a great future ahead of him, full of life.

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