May 17, 2013
By Hannahmontana BRONZE, Covington, LA, Louisiana
Hannahmontana BRONZE, Covington, LA, Louisiana
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The day you die is better than the day you were born

I wake up as the hot sun hits my face, as I lay in bed I think about the nightmare I had last night. How horrible it was. How real it felt. How vividly I Remember it. As I think about it I suddenly Remember that I shouldn't be in my bed and my nightmare had been real life. My eyes immediately open, I sit strait up and shake Bentley, my boyfriend, to wake up. It takes him a minute to register where were are.

"Bentley, how did we get here?"

"Ivy our boat sank last night and we had to swim to shore in order to survive. You don't remember that?"

I sit in silence as he goes into detail about what had happened. Once he is done I get up and walk over the Mia, who is nestled in the embrace of her boyfriend Liam, I wake them both up and then walk over to Carter and gently kick him to wake him. Once everybody is awake we sit next to each other trying to conger up a plan as to what we are supposed to do on this abandons island.

after a long pause Liam says "maybe we should make a huge S.O.S. in the sand for anybody passing to sea and then we can head into the jungle for cover and protection."

"Good idea ivy and I will go look for some supplies that will sand out if someone were to fly over," says Mia.

Bentley gives me a concerned look and I can tell he is worried about me so he then says, "okay but don't go to far, and feel free to call us for any sort of help."

without another word Mia and I walk into the dense jungle making sure not to go to far. We collect palm leaves and twigs making small talk trying to avoid the topic that is obviously both on our minds.

Then Mia stops walking and turns to face me,"Ivy, what's going to happen to us? Do you even think we will ever be saved. What if we die here?"

I stop and turn to Mia. I grab her by the shoulders and say, "You can't talk like that Mia! I have no idea what's going to come of this but I can't stand the thought of dying here. Tomorrow is a new day and we are going to do the best we can to fix this."

Mia then with tears in her eyes nods her head in agreement, "Okay you're right. Lets get what we need and get back to the boys."

We continue through the jungle determined to get what we need to create our only hope of rescue. We split up but are still in talking distance as we gather our supplies. I find a spot on the ground that has been covered with old brown palm leaves, I start to pick up the leaves one by one and call for Mia to come and help. Before she is able to reach me I see the real reason that these leaves had been untouched and so perfectly placed in this one spot.

"MIA! Come faster!" I scream as I drop the leaves to the ground to cover up the dead body.

Mia screams, "what! What is it?"

I point to the mess of leaves on the ground and kick the leaves aside to uncover the horrifying scene. I turn away and by this time the boys have heard my screams and have come to our rescue. I lock eyes with Bentley and immediately start to cry, I don't know why but I am so overwhelmed by this whole situation. I fall into his embrace and hide my face while I sob. Mia stands facing Liam and explains as well as she could what had happened, while carter investigated the scene.

"Can we just leave, I don't want to be anywhere near that.... That thing," I blurt out.

Bentley just hugs me even tighter, "Liam lets walk the girls back to camp. Carter do you mind picking up the supplies for our S.O.S?"

as we walk back hand in hand I start to feel very tired and weak, I look around and I notice the others are starting to feel the same way. I can feel the hot sun hit my back like a hot iron has been pressed on it, my shirt is soaked with sweat and every step I take makes my feet sting. Not only are we hot and exhausted front he sun we are all dehydrated because our only water sources is salt water. Mia and I were taking a long time to walk back so Liam and Bentley stayed behind and carter went on because he wanted to get started of the the sign.

we walk and walk for what feels like hours, when we make it back we notice that the sign has been built but Carter is no where to be found. We immediately assume that he has gone off for more supplies and he will be back soon. Over time the four of us doze off, from the exhaustion of the walk back, but are awaken rapidly by the sound of a loud gun shot.

Mia sits up with a worried look on her face, "What was that!?"

Then Bentley stands up with an alerted look, "It sounded like a gun shot. But I don't think I could be unless there is someone else on this island."

I stand up soon after just in case we have to defend ourselves, "Are you sure that's what it sounded like? I mean it's possible there is someone else on the island but why haven't we found them?"

Liam quickly joins in saying, "Well it sounded like it came from over there which is the direction Carter might have went so maybe we should go as a group and try to find him."

No one objects so the four of us set off into the unknown in hopes of finding our friend. Every once in a while we scream Carter's names but there is never any response.

Mia stops in her tracks and tries to catch up on her breath, "This is hopeless, how are we ever going to find carter. What if he is already at the camp. We should turn around."

Bentley quickly turns around and blurts our, "No he is our friend lets give it a little longer and then we can turn around we still have a few more hours of daylight."

Trying to lessen the tension between the two I step in, "Not to much longer we might get lost in the jungle, but I agree we can't stop just yet."

We travel a little while longer when Bentley (who is in the lead) stops and bends down, "Hey guys look at this, there is blood, I bet if we follow this we can find what was shot or even better who shot whatever it is that is dead."

We quickly move throughout the trees following the trail of blood. Mia and I stop to rest forcing the other two to wait up for us. I am so out of breath at this point and my throat feel like it is on fire because I am so thirsty, "I know y'all want to find out what is going on but it's starting to get dark and I don't think it's a good idea to be out at night."

I can tell Mia is starting to get frustrated when she says with a rude tone, "yah! Especially now that we know that we aren't the only ones on This island."

Bentley stopped and firmly plants his feet on the ground, "No we have to keep going, I think we are getting closer. The blood is more frequent and if we stop now we might never find it again."

Liam always takes Bentley's side so he chimes in saying, "I agree with Bentley, this might be our only chance."

Both Mia and I role our eyes and continue on with the guys. We take a few more steps and then see it. Carter's cold dead body lays motionless on the ground with a gunshot to the heart.
To be continued

The author's comments:
The rest is coming soon so check back later!

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