Hospital Horror

May 10, 2013
By llancaster BRONZE, Eastsound, Washington
llancaster BRONZE, Eastsound, Washington
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Hospital Horror

The Aurora San Diego Psychiatric Hospital was always creepy. A bunch of crazy people locked up in rooms. Scratching numbers and words on to the walls, talking to the leaves, and speaking of the devil as if he was their best friend. Even the wards were a little crazy themselves. Most of them spent all their time at the hospital taking care of these crazy people; maybe they started rubbing off on them. I never liked to go to the hospital unless I absolutely had to, and today I did. There was a murder and I was the only one able to solve it.

My name is Alexa Hamilton, and I’m the best detective San Diego has seen in a long time. I’ve solved more cold cases then most detectives put together. I, to this day, have never had to put a cold case stamp on a file. I’m proud of my work, and I work to make it as good as it is. Today, when I left my house at 5:30 to get coffee and drive to the crime scene, I was confident that my streak of no cold case was not going to be broken.

I arrived at the crime scene at 6:00 on the dot. I climbed out of my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. Other then my job, my car was the best thing in my life, it is like my baby. I locked my doors and walked to the front door. Whenever I come to this place I always get a chill when I first walk in and today it was extra strong.

“Detective Hamilton! Its great to see you. I’m so glad you are on this case, I always feel safer when you’re around. I’m confident you will clean this up quick so my patients can go back to their normal lives in the hospital. Whenever something is changed it makes them crazy,” the owner of the hospital, head doctor, and child hood friend, Fred Milton, said to me as soon as he noticed me walk in.

“Crazier then normal Fred? It’s good to see you. I’m going to try my best to make this go away as soon as possible,” I responded with a little chuckle.

“I really do not like you calling my patients, my friends rather then patients, crazy. They are just a little unstable,” like I said before, the doctors in this place are a little crazy too.

“Fred, we have known each other since we were little, and I hope you take this in a good way, but you might be a little crazy too.”

“Ah, Alexa, aren’t we all just a little crazy?” Fred said with a smile.

“To shay my old friend. So Fred where is it that I am going?”

“I will show you to Abby’s room.”

I fallowed Fred to the third floor. We walked down the hallway to the Abby’s room. I was looking in the windows of the rooms we passed but saw no one.

“We moved everyone on this floor to different rooms. That’s why I said it makes them crazy when stuff is changed. They have to readjust to their environment.”

“Oh, ok. I was wondering where everyone was.”

“This is where I must leave you. I can’t go any closer. It hurts me too much. It’s the first door on your right.” He practically ran the other way.

I walked to the room and was instantly hit with the smell or rotting flesh. I gagged a little but kept walking in. I had to hold my coffee and doughnuts in when I saw all the blood splattered on the walls and a heavily mutilated body. I could barely tell it was a body.

“What do we have here Captain?”

“Ah, Alexa, glad you’re here. What we’ve got here is a cold case. No way anyone, even you could figure this one out.”

“You’d be surprised at what I can do Captain. Give me the story Sir.”

“Oh I know what you can do Detective, why do you think I hired you to this case? So far we’ve learned that this girl who has been brutally cut up was Abby. Fred found her this morning and we are guessing she was killed last night. She was schizophrenic and she refused to take any drugs. Her family told the doctors all she wanted was a safe place to live without being bothered so much about why she talked to herself or made up crazy delusions. She’d only have human contact with one person and that’s her brother. Her brother has been out of town for a month on his honeymoon in Hawaii. We called the hotel to make sure he wasn’t lying and everything checked out, so he has been ruled an unlikely suspect. The only thing that’s troubling about this case is the brother is the only one with a key to the room. He himself had the room rekeyed to make sure no one could get in. Abby’s orders.” I thought for a couple of seconds.

“So wait your saying that there is no possible way someone got in this room?”

“Pretty much. There was no forced entry and there are no windows.”

“How did she get her food?” the Captain pointed to the door.

“Notice that little slot down there? The only way to open it is from outside and with a key only Fred has. Plus it’s not like someone could get through it anyway and brutally slice some one up.”

“Where is all her stuff?”

“She didn’t have anything in her room except what she absolutely needed. Everything you see here were all she had.” I was surprised at how bare the room was, well besides the body. There was a bed, a bathroom with sink, toilet, and shower, two magazines and three books. This was going to be a long case but I was going to figure out who did this if it’s the last thing I do.

I went back to my car and got in. I turned the key and heard the beautiful purr of the engine. I drove to my thinking spot at a private beach. I sat on the hood of my car poring over the case report. The whole thing sounded fishy. I decided to get in touch with Dylan, Abby’s brother. I called the phone number that the captain had given me. It rang 3 times and then there was an answer.
“Hello?” Said a woman on the other end.
“Hello, my names Detective Hamilton and I was hoping to reach Dylan Robinson.” I replied.
“Oh, um, yeah Dylan isn’t able to come to the phone right now but I’ll tell him you called.” And she hung up. I thought that it was weird that a woman was answering Dylan’s cell phone. I was told he was recently married but usually cell phones aren’t shared. I didn’t like how the conversation had gone.

I sat and thought for a little bit longer and decided to call the hotel he was staying at and ask them a few questions. I looked up what hotel he was at and the phone number and called.
“Kahala Hotel and Resort, how can I help you?” The man on the other end asked.
“Hello my name is Detective Hamilton and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.”
“Sure Detective, how may I be of assistance?”
“Well I have an ongoing investigation and the brother of our victim is staying at your resort. I was wondering when the last time you saw Dylan Robinson was,” the man paused while he thought for a minute.
“Well mam he and his wife checked in five days ago and I’ve seen his wife every day except yesterday and today. Mr. Robinson on the other had I haven’t seen since the second day here.”
“So you’re saying he hasn’t been seen in three days?”
“No mam, not in three days.”
“Interesting, thank you sir for your cooperation have a good day.”
“You too” and with that I hung up. I wanted to know where Mrs. Robinson had been the night of Abby’s death.

I drove to back to my office and sat down at my computer. I brought up Ashley Robinson’s credit card reports. I looked at what she had purchased in the last three days and found she had bought duct tape, rope, specialty knives, and a round trip plane ticket to San Diego back to Hawaii.
“Gotcha,” I murmured. I looked at the departure time of the plane back to Hawaii. 5:30. I looked down at my watch and saw it was only 3:40. I ran out to my car and started driving towards San Diego airport. It was a twenty minute drive. I dialed the captain’s number and explained to him what I found out.
“Hello? Alexa?”
“Hey captain, I think I’ve got this case closed. I’m going to the airport to tie up some loose ends. It was Ashley Robinson. I think Dylan Robinson is tied up in his hotel room. Her flight back to Hawaii is in two hours. Ill arrest her and bring her in.” I hung up the phone and sped down the freeway. I took the exit to the airport and parked my car. I ran to the gate she was supposed to be at. I looked at the picture I printed out of what she looked like and started looking for her. I found her sitting in the corner. I pulled out my hand cuffs.
“Are you Ashley Robinson?” she looked up timidly.
“Yes? Who are you?”
“My names Detective Hamilton, and you mam are under arrest.” She tried to run but I tackled her and handcuffed her.

She confessed everything at the police department. She tied up Dylan in the hotel room and took the key to Abby’s room. She flew to San Diego and went to the hospital. She murdered Abby and went back to the airport to wait for her flight. She said she did it because she wanted Dylan all to herself. Now all she will have to herself is a cell in prison.

The author's comments:
This was a short story I wrote for my creative writing class in school and was told I should post it here!

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