Charlie the Teddy Bear

May 5, 2013
By WrittenRevolution SILVER, Manchester, Connecticut
WrittenRevolution SILVER, Manchester, Connecticut
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This is a story about little Sally.

Sally lived with her mom, her dad, her cat, Shadow, and her sister, Gen.

All Sally wanted for Christmas was a Blue Button Eye Teddy Bear. Sally's mother refused to buy the bear, claiming it was a waste of money and a distraction from intellectual growth. Sally hated her mother because of her refusal. But then, one morning Sally’s mother finds a package outside her door. When she opened the box, inside was the Blue Button Eye Teddy Bear. On the box was a note that read: “To Sally, from Charlie.” She had no idea who Charlie was, but she didn’t want her daughter to hate her and the bear was free, so she took the bear, and wrapped it up for Christmas.

The days go by; the ground became quilted in snow. Christmas had finally arrived.

Sally's eyes opened and she jumped out of bed, “Christmas is here!” She ran down the stairs, the smell of peppermint, mistletoe, and apple pie filled her with a sense sentimental feelings that she would always remember. Sally's mom and dad sat on the couch sipping on their coffee listening to Christmas songs. As “Jingle Bells” softly departed the radio Gen stumbled down the stairs half asleep, and took a seat on the couch. Sally tore open her presents, ripping apart the wrapping paper in order to get the treasure hidden inside. Sally’s presents were only some socks, a box of chocolates, and a wooden chess game. Gen opened hers presents, a iPod, a laptop, and a cubic zirconium necklace. Sally had looked at her presents, and felt a deep anger boil in her blood, but showed no choler. With their whiskey hidden for tonight, Sally’s mother and father sat with a satisfied smile. “Oh! Look Sally, there’s another present for you,” Said Sally’s mom over-exuberantly. Sally reached for the last box with her name on it; she tore it open and screamed with delight at the sight of her new bear.

The rest of Christmas was spent trying out new toys and products, visiting relatives, and drinking eggnog with warm pie. When night came and rain began to fall, Sally fell asleep on the couch with her new teddy bear, that coincidentally she named Charlie. Gen went upstairs to her room to investigate her new items, and Sally's mom and dad went to their room, enjoying their bottle of whiskey.

Gen sat in her room customizing her laptop and listening to music on her new iPod. Her door creaked open, laughing and enjoying herself, she failed to hear it. As she lied on her stomach she felt a sudden, sharp, jolt fly up her spine. Her paralyzed head slammed into her soft pillow; black spots appear in her eyes. And blood seeps into the view of the corner of her cornea.

She passed out and bled to death.

The rain washed the snow off the window and patters gently against the glass. Sally's mom and dad lay in bed drunk, watching a late night television show. Their door was wide open, and light from the television had poured out of the open door, soaking the walls in artificial light. Sally's father saw something crawl under the bed. He had assumed it was the cat and continued watching television. Sally's mother drifted off to sleep and her father shuts the TV off and blacks out from the alcohol. Several hours later, Sally's mom woke up to a sudden bouncing on the bed. Turning to look at her husband, she saw his face; an eye gouged out and stabs in the neck. Blood oozed from the wounds and as Sally's mom was about to scream, a sharp pain, for half a second, went across her throat.

She choked on her own blood for five minutes before dying.

He only wanted some water, that’s why he had knocked over the rose vase. Shadow mewed at the refreshing water that dripped off the table in a dark little pool. He licked the liquid off the kitchen table, which had a slight plant-like taste to it. Enjoying the water, he felt his senses kick into action. He hissed with his tail erect and puffed. But his fast claws and teeth were no match to the swift slice of the knife against his face. Shadow released a loud wailing cry, and the knife plunged into his stomach. His intestines decanted out his open stomach.

Freshly skinned, Shadow’s corpse hangs from the kitchen chandelier. His blood dripped off the table in a dark little pool.

Sally laid on the couch. Waking up she noticed the absence of Charlie. As she got up, she saw him standing in the doorway, submerged in the darkness.

"It's just you and me now, Sally."

"Thank you, Charlie." Sally responded.

Several weeks had gone by until the putrid smell of decomposing bodies attracted law enforcement. Sally was found wandering the streets several towns away, covered in blood and dragging a teddy bear around.

Sally was given custody to her uncle, and she sleeps with her bear every night.

The murder of her family was never solved.

The author's comments:
This is one of my few stories that I completely fabricated with no awareness of my inspiration, although I'm sure there is one buried deep in my subconscious.

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