Cave Wanderer

May 3, 2013
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Twas in a cave a wanderer walked.

He’d heard that inside a monster stalked.

So, feeling like a knightly brave,

Deeper he walked into that cave.

Upon untraveled paths he paced,

For the unknown, his heart he braced.

But perhaps in a cave that made him blind

A new perspective he would find.

Up above toward the sky he saw

A glorious sight that left him in awe.

Crystal flowers in a row

Hanging in silence, waiting to grow.

Upside down and in the dark,

They waited for a new life spark.

He stopped at the edge of a great black pool,

And felt some presence, like a fiendish ghoul.

Into the blackness there he peered,

And saw the thing that he most feared.

In the blackness of the pool he glared.

And there was the monster and the monster stared.

And from its twisted, man-like face

A piercing scream had blared.

Yet the reflection he saw simply could not be,

For the one in the reflection, the monster, was he.

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