The shell

April 29, 2013
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He walked into the dark, musky air everywhere. You see the smoke from the ships off the shore. No one within miles. He hears a noise. He yells to see if anyone is there, no one answers. “Hello” he says again. No one answers. He walks into the dark foggy air. Nothing in sight. Until suddenly he sees a shape in the distance. It is large, dark, and mysterious. He walks in the direction of the large object. As he gets closer it gets bigger and bigger. He finally comes to contact with the object and says to himself, “ what is this?” It looks like a big horn of some kind.

He walks around it for a few moments and nothing happens. When all of the sudden a loud blaring sound comes from the object. He yells in terror. Then as he listens more he can hear a faint voice coming from inside the object. He says “ Hello, Who is there?” as he listens he hears the voice again, this time it says “ help me” in a very quiet whisper. He has a sudden urge to help the person or thing calling out to him, so he climbs inside of the object. It is dark and very small. He sees a small light coming from the bottom of the object, He goes to it, when all of the sudden he is swallowed into a swirling tornado.

When he opens his eyes he is in an underwater city. He is in shock. He looks around to see if he can find the thing yelling for help. He searches and searches until he comes upon a small castle. Inside there is a jail at the very end of the hall way. He swims to it. Inside of the cell is a merman. He is cut up and bruised. The merman says, “ help” in a whisper. The man doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t know what to think. He pinches himself to see if he is dreaming. Nothing. “ I don’t know how to help you, what can i do?” he asks. “ Find the shell” says the merman. “ What shell?” asks the man. “ You will know it when you see it.” says the merman.

The man swims away, trying to think about what the merman told him. He swims into the middle of the small underwater city. All he sees is old buildings, but no people to be seen.

He swims away from the city onto a dark road leading to a building. As he approaches the building he starts to see a sign, the sign says Fred’s knick knacks. He walks inside the store. There is no one in there, “ hello is anyone here?” He hears a grunt from the back. A merman swims into the middle of the store near the man. “ how can I help you?” says the merman, who is assumed to be Fred.

“ I am looking for a shell” says the man. “ well you have come to the right place, what kind are you looking for?” says Fred. “ A special shell, For healing maybe?” “ We don’t have anything like that!” Fred said in a surprised voice. “ But maybe I can help you search for this shell, I get bored here so it will be fun!” Fred said. So then the man and Fred were off on the search for the magical shell.

They swim out of the building and keep swimming for what feels like hours. They finally come upon a small shack in the town and through the window you can see a bucket full of shells. The man goes inside and looks through all of the colorful and beautiful shells. But there is one problem, none of them look special. He leaves feeling down because he really wants to help the injured merman.

As he is swimming, he hears a loud BANG! He wonders where the man he was with went. “hello, Fred? Are you there?” No one answers. He hears it again. This time he walks to the noise and all of a sudden he falls into a hole. When he hits the bottom he looks up in shock as a net falls over the opening at the top of the hole. He sees a man swim over the net. It is Fred! “Hey!!” says the man. “ I will find the shell and keep it all for myself” says Fred.

As the man sits in the hole trying to figure out what to do, he sees something sticking out of the sand. He starts digging through the sand and pulls out a shell, at first it looks like a normal shell but all of the sudden it starts flashing and in a blink of an eye he is in the cell with the injured merman!

“ You found it!!” said the merman. “ What just happen?” says the man. “You found the shell and transported here!” said the merman. “Wow, now what do we do?” says the man. “ You say where you want to go and you go there, but there is a catch.” says the merman. “What is the catch?” “ Only one of us can use it.” says the merman. “ you should use it, I found it for you and I will find a way out.” said the man. “ Wow thank you so much.”

In a split second the merman was gone and the man was all alone in the dark underwater cell. He sat there for a few hours, and fell asleep. He awoke to a bang on the cell door. It was a guard, he asked where the merman went and the man said he didn’t know he just woke up here.

The guard took the man out and walked up a set of cement spiral stairs, the stairs led to a big open room. The room had granite floors and big beams. It was the inside of the castle. The guard walked the man up to a big chair that had a big fancy merman in it.

The man assumed this was the kind. The guard said, “ I found him in the cell, the merman is not in sight.” The king asked the man how he got there and what happen and the man just told him he can’t remember. The king pulled out a shell and said, “ you are a peasant and I do not need to take care of you. Then all of the sudden the king and all of the guards pointed shells at the man. The man yelled in terror. They all shot laser beams at the man when he fell and hit his head on the ground he woke up in shock, he was in his bed at home. It was all a dream. He looked around and there was a note next to him. He read it and it said, “You needed it more than I did.” and there was a picture of a shell.

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