April 18, 2013
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The sky darkened as he walked through the haunting cemetery, wishing that the past could change. The truth was he missed her, he always would. That night would haunt him forever. The rain poured down onto his bouquet of flowers as he set them gently on the gravestone. “7 years today,” He said to the tombstone “7 years ago you agreed to be mine. Why did you have to leave so soon?” He cried out and dropped to his knees. As he walked into the bar, he was dripping wet. He slid onto the bar stool and slapped the counter. He looked around into the foggy air seeing people laughing, crying, full of emotion. As he looked back a bottle of beer sat in front of him. He grabbed it and took a big gulp, the memories flooding back. Flight attendants stood all around the cabin of the plane guaranteeing an enjoyable flight. He never liked flying, but you cannot drive to Hawaii can you? He looked at the floor and gazed over at a pair of red satin shoes. He slowly looked up and was breath taken by the girl standing next to his seat. “Do you mind?” she said gesturing at the open seat. “Of course not,” he replied. That’s when it started. On a plane to Hawaii. They talked the whole way there. After they returned back to Colorado she promised to keep in touch. One thing led to another and they dated for about 5 years. He was ready to make his next move. He had everything he needed the ring, the right things to say, and her. As he walked to her apartment to pick her up his heart stopped as he opened the door to see her lifeless on the floor. The blood pooling around her body. He quickly ran to her as he saw her eyes flicker open. “Blake...”she said her voice fading softly, “Don’t forget me.” Her eyes closed and her body limped lifeless in his arms. Tears rolled down his cheek. “I will never forget you,” he said as he held her body closer to his. “Never.”

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Ali101 said...
May 17, 2013 at 7:02 pm
Wow thats amazing! I cant wait to
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