Faceless and Frightened

April 24, 2013
By Creative_Queen BRONZE, Shelton, Washington
Creative_Queen BRONZE, Shelton, Washington
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When I woke in the morning my insides were churning. Whatever happened last night it must not have been good. I roll myself out of bed and onto the floor; I just lay there for a moment doing my best not to throw back up whatever I consumed last night. This is no good. I look at the clock above my head which rudely tells me it is one in the afternoon and that I slept through a good sum of my classes and will have to call into work today. I drag myself to my feet and stumble my way to the bathroom as I do my best to avoid the mirror. I decide before I even think about checking out my reflection I should take a shower. After scrubbing away all of the dirt and grime I grab my robe and my hairbrush and head to the mirror but what I find there is no were near what I expected. I find a face that does not belong to me but to my best friend Claire which means last night we did not just party we broke a serious law. I have to find Claire, my face, and get out of town as quickly as possible. The police will be searching for me and for Claire. As I head for the door I notice a strange shape on the couch, it looks like a person. I approach the lump carefully; afraid that it might not be who I am expecting. I tear through the blankets and dirty clothes that are piled up only to find my face sitting on the couch. No one attached to it just my face with a freighted expression. This is a lot worse than I thought. Either Claire has already been caught or she is running around the town faceless. Either way she is in a lot of danger and I need to save her. She must have gone to great lengths to return my face to me. I will do the same for her. I run back to the mirror and change my face back to my own with a little trouble. Changing faces is like fraud in this town, it’s like you stole somebody else’s identity. It is also against the law, and having Claire running around without a face can get her into a lot of trouble. People with no faces are automatically accused of being criminals because that is what we do to people who commit crimes, we take their faces. For what? I have no idea but I know that it is not good, not allowed, and I can’t have Claire go to jail. Not now and not ever. It would kill her parents and I would die without her. I bolt for the door but as I am running I get hit with a sudden rush of memories.
Claire and I are just little girls again. We hug telling each other that we will never be separated not matter what. We were making this promise because of something our parents had said. My mom had told me that I may not always have Claire around. I screamed and yelled telling her that that was not true and that Claire and I would always be friends, I had told her that I would be Claire’s best friend even if she got her face taken away, even if she was deemed a criminal. She would always be my best friend weather or not my Mom or Dad liked it. I had been punished severely and told to stay away from Claire but they could not keep us apart no matter what they did.
As I came back to reality I realized that there were tears in my eyes. I was afraid for Claire. Afraid that something bad might have happened to her; something bad already did happen to her. She was faceless and she knew that I could never live with being faceless so she gave my face back. Only a true friend would do that, only Claire would do that. I finally pull myself together enough to get out the door. Once I’m on the porch I rush to the car, and struggle with the lock. Finally getting in I find a note sitting on the driver’s seat. It reads:
Delilah, don’t come looking for me. Not now and not ever. You and I both know what it will do to my parents if they find out I am running around faceless and your parents will be devastated if you go out searching for your faceless best friend. They never liked me and no matter how much you and they tried to hide it I always knew that. You are the best friend anybody could ever have and you deserve a better friend than me, so let me go. I will make it on my own, you know that I can. Leave me be and don’t look for me ever, it will just get you into more trouble than it’s worth. I love you more than you know and I would do anything for you. So just do this one thing for me. NEVER LOOK FOR ME DELILAH, EVER. Goodbye. Love always Claire.
I begin to sob, my tears smudging the words written in blue ink. Not look for her? I could never not look for her that would be wrong and against all the promises I have ever made to Claire. I wipe the tears away and decide that no matter what Claire thinks I will find her and save her; always. I put my seat belt on and start the car, back out of my drive way and speed down the road. I am doing twenty above the speed limit as I rush to Claire’s house but on the way I get pulled over. I hide Claire’s face under the seat and wait for the police officer to get to my window. “Hello young lady.” He greets me. “Hello officer, I’m sorry I know I was speeding I slept in late and have to get to work.” I say forming the excuse quickly. “Oh, it’s not that, there is a warrant out for your arrest and I’m afraid you’re gonna have to come with me.” He says calmly. Trying to keep me calm I’m sure. “What do you mean, what did I do wrong?” I ask. “Listen Delilah everyone knows about Claire and that you guys switched faces and I know that you know that is against the law.” He says. “Yes, I do know that is against the law but I also know I have no idea what you’re talking about. I would never switch faces and unless you have some solid proof I don’t have to go anywhere with you.” I say with a small attitude and a matter-of-fact tone. “Well we do have proof and I will be taking you to jail and you will be losing your face permanently.” He says sternly. He then opens the door, grabs my arm, pulls me to his cruiser, and gently nudges me into the backseat. “Do my parents know?” I ask. “They are the ones who reported you and your friend.” He says sadly. “They wanted us to let you know that they love you.” He says. “This doesn’t feel like love.” I say. I begin to sob into my hands. I will be faceless, I will face my biggest fear, and I still don’t know where Claire is. How I will get through this I have no idea but I know I can do anything when Claire is on my side.

The author's comments:
Delilah was sure that last night was just another drunken party but when she wakes up with the wrong face she knows something went terribly wrong.

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