Just a Dream.

April 2, 2013
When most think of dreams they think of outrageous situations that seem to come from an unknown land and they didn't know they could ever imagine it up themselves.
I have one single dream. Every single night the darkness envelopes me in its cold grip and I'm helpless.
I know it's coming. The darkness is only it's minion. This... thing is coming from something deeper than even the depths of a black hole, buried deep past all things. It's on it's way and I have no control. The darkness holds me and even the dark is afraid.
Afraid for me.
Every night it's closer and I'm useless against it. I didn't know the darkness could cower within itself but I can see the dark shrink further into its own darkness.
I don't know what it is and I can't run.
There's no escape from it. I've moved cites, states, lived with other people, slept during the day.
Still closer.
I can't fight anymore. Even the darkness has fled. I'm stuck in a pit of nothingness.
Closer. No way out.
I'm trapped and it's closing in faster than before. It can smell my fear. It reeks of pain. I am not to be it's prey. I am to be it's play thing.
As it approaches I realize even the nothing is something as it flees and I'm left only to the thing coming to me. This thing, whatever it is, is indescribable. It doesn't envelope, it devours, crushes, tears, scratches, mass destruction.
My mind can't take it.
It's just a dream.
I collapse under it's weight.
But it's just a dream. No air, can't breath.
Only a dream.
Hurts. Even thinking hurts.
Stopped heart.
Time lost.
Control it.
Gone. Taken. Not my own. Stripped away. Stolen from myself.

The family finally decided it was time to pull the plug on the girl who had been in a vegetable state the past few months. They watched as she painlessly passed away without a sound. There was no reason, no medical explanation, for her circumstance. She simply did not wake up one day.

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