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April 4, 2013
By MidnightxLovex19 BRONZE, Hemet, California
MidnightxLovex19 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Friday, January 13, 2013

I go to Confessions Academy. Confessions Academy is a place for secrets. A place for fears. It's a boarding school, right outside of Sphirix 9. Sound weird? It is. Here at Confessions Academy, nobody cares about you. They care about your secrets. They try to get you to confess your secrets. And, They keep you here until you do. Unless you end up dying before you confess. They usually make you go crazy and you end up committing suicide. Who are They? No. It's who is They. Well, I can't say. But, if you don't know who They is... Good luck living til nightfall. For me. I've known who They were all my life. Since I was a child. I've been here at Confessions Academy since I was nine-years-old. I am now seventeen-years-old. I have been here for eight years. Going on nine. My confession is still locked inside, never to come out.

Their motto is, "Release the pain, by releasing the secret." It's find of lame, but it has made alot of people confess. It somehow... Hypnotizes us. Not me, though. I have never even been on the verge of confessing. Once you confess, you either get released from the Academy. Or, you commit suicide. It works one way or the other. Either way, you get out of this hell. In my situation, you don't mind being here. You get used to the depression and agony. To the fears and horrors. The secrets and confessions.

Newbies don't usually understand what They are trying to do at first. We have to explain it to them. And, then we end up dying. That is why I stay away from people. Especially newbies. When you die here, it's either suicide. They torture you. Or, They kill you fast and painlessly. Usually it's the first way. The last way is very rare. They only do that with people they favor.

Who am I? Well, wouldn't you like to know. I am someone, who has only one confession. I am someone, who only comes out at night. And, I am someone, who is considered emo. But, you'll have to decide what all of that means.

We is us. We is me. Who is We, exactly? Well, I can't tell. We consists of people like me. We. We is the people who refuses to confess. They call We... "The Forgotten". We doesn't have a problem with it. Other students at the Academy, call We... "The Fallen Angels".Why am I talking as if We were one person? Well, that's because... It is.

I is We. We is I. Who is I? I is Me. And, Me is me. I am We. I am I. And, I am Me. But, I am not They. I can't tell who They is. If I do... I die.

I am Andy. And...

I just confessed.

The author's comments:
My favorite band inspired this. Black Veil Brides.

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