March 28, 2013
By ninjalover7 BRONZE, Garland, Texas
ninjalover7 BRONZE, Garland, Texas
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As I finally drifted off to sleep, I thought drowsily, “It can’t happen again, can it?” Dismissing the
Thought, I settled further into my favorite teddy bear quilt, and let it all go. When I opened my
Eyes again, I knew I was back in the same nightmare. “I knew it,” I whispered in despair. It was
The same dark, windowless room that smelled like death itself. I was again chained to the filthy
Mattress smeared maroon with blood. Everything down to the torn lavender prom dress I was
Wearing was the same. I lay there, resigned to what I knew was going to happen next.
The only door in this room of terror opened within 5 minutes of me waking up. It’s like he can
Sense that I’m here, I thought miserably. I kept my eyes closed tightly, for I didn’t need to look
To know who it was. A masked man, a giant among men, carrying a tray with tools of torture
Galore. As always, he remained mute as he set down his tray. He straightened, taking a key out
Of his pocket and moving over towards my dirty resting place. I lifted my aching arms as far as I
Could so he had better access to the keyhole, and as the shackles came free I dashed towards
The still-open door. Gasping in desperation, I pushed my aching muscles to the limit while
Straining to put some distance between me and my torturer. I already knew that by the time I
Reached the doorway, he would catch me. He always did. Sure enough, as soon as I got my
Hands on the doorway, I felt his large fingertips dig into my collar bone. Tears were streaming
Down my face as he dragged me back into the horrific room. He threw me roughly onto the
Bed, preparing to re-cuff me. With my eyes squeezed shut, I pictured myself back in my room
On my clean bed, sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, it was like time stopped; no more movement,
No noise…Nothing. I cracked an eyelid, expecting to see the dirty giant towering over me.
Instead, I saw my room, with the fissured ceiling and the peeling paint. With a great sigh of
Relief, I realized I was home. As I settled back into my own bed, I thought, “Something is still
Wrong. What is it?” I shifted around trying to get comfortable, and that’s when it hit me. I
Pulled back my teddy bear quilt hesitantly, hoping that I was wrong. But of course, I was right. I
was shaking, my breath coming in wheezes. I wasn’t wearing the pajamas that I had had on
Before going to sleep; I was wearing the tattered lavender prom dress from the nightmare!

The author's comments:
This is an essay that I wrote for school purposes, and part of the assignment said I had to publish it, so here I am:) Hope you enjoyed it!

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