March 9, 2013
I walk up to the tightrope I’m an acrobat in my own right. I’ve walked this many times but now someone bars my path. A true acrobat standing in my way he laughs madly as he tumbles to and fro across the thin line between him and death. He performs flips and falls, leaps and sprawls going back and forth across the rope. For the first time sees me he looks in my direction and laughs manically , then suddenly says with a straight face “Join me”, he then jumps from the rope falling to the earth calling me to him, then before I realize what’s happening I feel the air rush past me as I fall with him. Now I find myself at a dance, the theme is that of a masquerade during the renaissance. The dancers bodies all twist and turn grotesquely, their bodies bending to impossible degrees and spinning beyond human capability. A tall man comes over to me and asks for my hand, and before I can reply he leads me to the center of the dance. He turns me about as if I were only a puppet in his arms, and laughs, watching the other dancers as they progress. Then all around me laughter starts to emit from the masked faces the room seemed to grow smaller, there seemed to be no light in the room but I could still see every person around me, they stopped dancing and started walking towards me their laughter increasing with every step to a point where I had to cover my ears. Then at the same time they all removed their masks and each person man and woman alike had the face of the tumbler. Their bodies started joining together in a macabre mass until the last one jumped on then there was only the one. ”Come with me” he said holding out a hand “Join me in my lunacy, my depression, my sorrow and my pain.” I looked at the hand knowing that to accept would be beyond madness then I looked into his eyes, grasped his hand and followed him to wherever he chose to lead.

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