The Anarchy Club

March 2, 2013
By Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
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Chapter 1: The Initiation
A man by the name of Nicholas is walking down the street on a cold winter night. It was lightly snowing. Nicholas was carrying on his shoulder a rather big duffel-bag and was wearing lots of extra clothing. He walks up to a large, almost cathedral sized church. Now, this church is the main point of worship for this small quiet town, of which this man calls home. He opens the large doors and goes in. He walks up to the front of the church where a pastor usually gives his sermon. He gets as close as possible to a large statue of Jesus pinned to the cross, kneels down, and begins to speak out loud whilst holding his hands together in a praying motion. He starts to speak "dear lord, if you are really out there, and we were wrong about all of this, please forgive me for all the terrible acts i'm about to commit. Amen.." He gets up, and opens his duffel-bag.

Inside were at least 20 sticky bombs, a couple C4's and other assorted explosive devices. He picks up some of the bombs, and starts placing them all in different areas of the church. Back and forth he went to the duffel-bag until he had put every bomb and explosive somewhere in the church. At the bottom of the bag was a .44 magnum, and a trigger for all the bombs. He picks up the gun and puts it the hidden holster he was wearing. He then picked up the trigger and walked out of the church. He ran as fast as he could until he was about 1000 feet from the church. He pushed the button to the trigger, and....BOOM! The church exploded with brute force. Piece after giant piece of the building jettisoned hundreds of feet into the air. They landed in the woods, on top of buildings, and some landed on cars, crushing them. Some flew into the road as cars passed by causing them to barrel roll, flip, and explode. It soon began to slow down, and just became a very large bonfire fire. He couldn't believe with his own eyes what he had just done. He felt so disgusted by himself that he almost ran into the fire so he could burn along with his sins. A place that gave this town hope and meaning was now rubble thanks to Nicholas Black.

Soon after this, an older gentleman walks toward Nicholas after watching the church explode, and sees that he is holding some sort of trigger. He begins to shout "he did it! he did it! he di....." just before he almost finished saying it for a third time, Nicholas shoots him right in the head with his gun. The old man falls to the ground, a bloody puddle surrounding him. After doing this, Nicholas starts to sob. Which soon develops into a powerful cry. He knew someone was gonna come out here eventually, and see what went down. So he quickly ran away into the woods which surrounded the small town. Freaking out over what he had just done, and not thinking clearly, he put the gun to his head. He then pulled the trigger, but nothing. He then remembered that he was only left one bullet. Knowing that their was one last thing he had to do, he walked out of the woods, and began to run to the other side of town. He had arrived at his destination, the police station. All the cops were gone answering to calls of a burned down church, and dead man on the side of the street. This was the perfect window for Nicholas to do what he needed to do. He took out of his pocket a set of keys, which unlocked every door and holding cell in the station. He unlocks the front door and goes in. Inside were two of the most infamous crooks in this town. Jake, who was held her for murder, and Jason for statutory rape. He found the keys to their cells, and set them free unto the world. "hey, thanks man i owe you for this!" said Jason. "me too!" said Jake. "ah, don't mention it guys. Now go on, get out of here!" exclaimed Nicholas. And with that, they left in a hurry.

He still had one last thing to do. Inside his other pocket was a small bottle of lighter fluid, and a set of matches. Now, this police station was small, so this amount of fluid would get the job done. He pulled out all the large files of papers from the filing cabinets. They all in some way had to do with Jason and Jake,since Nicholas read through them a bit while flinging them all across the station. He then poured the lighter fluid all over the scattered papers, walked out the door, lit a match, and flung it down on the floor. He then walked away while the police station went ablaze behind him. He made his town hopeless by destroying the church, annihilated the pureness of his soul by killing the old man and trying to kill himself, sent two sociopaths back into the world to cause fear, and if that wasn't enough, plunged his town into complete lawlessness by destroying the building that symbolizes authority. He had completed his initiation into The Anarchy Club.

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