Time and Time Again.

February 28, 2013
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"everyone and everything has a time to die..." I whispered to myself as tears slid down my cheek. I had a cold, numb feeling about me. Needless to say, my work here was done..the war was won.
and if I were to pass beyond the ninth gate, I would rest in peace for all eternity.

Though something was holding me back. "You are the last descendant of the White clan. You cannot pass this way until there is another." The long lost and forgotten members of the White clan loomed around me
though they appeared not as themselves, but as brightly illuminated human figures.

They wanted me to live, that much was clear. I suddenly had the strength to push myself back into reality, and I awoke..I would gingerly nurse myself back to health as soon as I could find it in me to stand..and I would proceed with my life.

When I awoke I could not hear a thing.
Nor could I feel her touch upon my hand, as I once had..but I felt old and decayed. It was very dark in this small crawl space..well padded, but musty.

I reached up and felt that the ceiling had a slight curve to it..but that wasn't normal for my era..at least, not for a house..there was only one explanation...
I started banging on the roof..or, what I presumed to be the roof...I was losing oxygen..and there was no answer.
I tried to scream, but a faint whisper was all that came out.

I was locked inside a coffin. I had been buried alive...

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