No One Heard Me

March 13, 2013
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"How could this happen? How can they all be such fools?" I thought to myself. A whispering voice responds, "Only you see the true fool."
I sit here and ponder as my lifeless cloud-like room consumes me. There is nothing but white cushion every where and absolutely no windows. I'm not even very sure how light sneaks into the room. Everything in here is nothing. My jacket makes it so that I cannot even move my arms. All I can and may do is sit, think, and wait. Wait to die, wait to live. Even though no one is here, other than myself, I feel as though someone is always watching. I don't feel, I know. It's what got me here in the first place.
A knocking fills the room, roaring in my ear drum. I hear a quiet screech, and a man approaches the room. I don't move, I don't speak, I just wonder what he wants. A complete silence fills the room for a good minute with a flip of a page every now and then. Finally, he speaks and says, "Hello Henry, I'm doctor Checkler. I'm very interested in your particular case. You are indeed a very brilliant man, and I am tying to help you get out of this room into a more comfortable type area. In order to do this though, I need to know everything that caused you to be here."

I stay silent, I've never trusted other doctors in any type of field except my own. He says he can "help" me, but I feel safe in here. They won't be able to get to me in here. The doctor then begins to blabber on about useless nothing, and I begin to say, "Why me?"
He responds, "Pardon?"
I despise having to repeating myself, so I say it again in a much harsher tone, "Why me?"

He says, "Like I said before, I'm very interested in your case. I believe that your story may have some truth in it. I want to know the minor details so I can come to see how a brilliant man, such as yourself, has been brought to a place such as this. I want a better understanding."

I don't see why I shouldn't tell him. After all, what do I have to lose? I'm already in this prison."I'll start off by saying this, I'm not crazy."

He says, "I trust that,"."The story starts off in my lab. I had invented a substance so intriguing, so beautiful, but yet oh so dangerous. I call it abscondam a oculus. Its main purpose is to make a person and objects they desire to not be perceivable by the naked eye."
"So, a pill of some sort to make you invisible?"

"Yes, and to make it simpler for you to understand, the substance is a pill and a paint. One may paint what they chose to, and it is invisible to everyone, including the painter, unless you intake the pill that is designed to go with the object. This essentially makes you and objects you have painted invisible to others.
I wanted to test my project out somewhere and for some strange reason I am - or was- attracted to the sight Stonehenge. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to go there. Something in the back of my mind always encouraged me to go there."
I slightly whisper the word "literally" so the doctor doesn't hear.

As I am explaining my story, I hear the whispering voice say, "What are you doing you dim-whited fool?! You have no business telling anyone anything. You are worthless and deserve no life. Stop speaking."

I fight the urge I have to cringe, and Doctor Checkler asks if everything is alright. I slightly nod and go on.

"As I was saying, I have always been attracted to Stonehenge in England. It took some convincing for me to convince Issac to come with me. He's extremely hard headed and stubborn. I told William I needed his area of expertise, William immediately agreed when I mentioned my new invention.

We drove to the spot, took our pills, and painted our needed materials. As we first began to examine Stonehenge up close and personal, Issac and I got into a debacle. He pushed me into the altar stone. A huge thud filled the air, but it wasn't because of my head however. The stone had cracked in half.
I examined the outside and the strangest symbol was on it."
I took his notepad and drew the symbol:

"I did not recognize this symbol whatsoever at the time. The most interesting part was the inside. It was precious green emerald, but what's more intriguing is that there was a series of blinking lights and thick wire all connected to some type of green chip. I know this sounds insane, but suddenly all at once different tones of voices started talking, screaming, YELLING in my head, but in an unfamiliar language. One I had never heard before. I couldn't take it, I just couldn't. I collapsed to the ground and screamed at the top of my lungs. Thank goodness no tourists were around at the time, but Issac and William looked all too confused.

After a few minutes the voices stopped a voice I was unfamiliar with said, 'Imbecilic human, I know what you have done. You WILL pay.' I was so terrified, but I acted as though I heard nothing so I would no longer be questioned. I decided further examined the stone and took it back to our tent with all the supplies. It was already getting dark at the time, and I just assumed I was looking at it for just a couple of hours, but before I knew it, time flew by and it was 1 o'clock in the morning.

From examining the stone, I concluded that it was some time of location marker with different codes and signals. Even though I figured all this out on my own, I could not figure out what the symbol meant. Every time I would lay my eyes on it something in my head would whisper, 'Azracha'. I then just started thinking that I was just tired and was hearing things. I put the stone back where I found it and proceeded to head to bed in our tents that we had set up.

All three of us were awakened at exactly 3:33 a.m. to a mysterious humming noise. We climbed out of our sleeping bags and headed towards the source of the humming. Over Stonehenge there was a firey, orange type glow coming from the middle, and all of the stones were perfectly in tact. If you know anything about Stonehenge, you'd know a lot of the megaliths are missing.

We approached Stonehenge with much caution and concerned, scared yet curious. This was a never before seen sight that we could not fabricate. As we approached the sight we heard a series of chants. We each hid behind a huge megalith with our heads poked out to get a better look of what was going on.

At the very center of the circular artifact was the broken alter stone. Around it was a group of strange tall creatures,about 7 feet tall, with long limbs, purple eyes, a single hole between the eyes, with almost a metallic looking paint on them, but it was their skin, and they had absolutely no clothes on. They all were holding hands and circling around the alter stone about 6 inches above the ground in a clock wise spinning. Only one was different from the group and it had a nose like an elephant's nose but shrunken so that it only reached the top of his mouth, his skin was more of a periwinkle.

On the outside of them was a mother circle of the same looking species just spinning in the opposite way. All of these creatures were chanting in some type of language. As they chanted they got higher and higher and then they chanted 3 times 'Azracha! Azracha! AZRACHA!'.The alter stone then lifted up about 20 feet of the ground and all of a sudden mended the two pieces together. During all of this my head was spinning like crazy, and I didn't know what to do. All of a sudden I felt a presence behind me. It whispered in my ear 'I told you that you would pay' and then I was surrounded by darkness.

I awoke in a foreign place with only Issac by my side. We were in some type of slimy, cushion like ground. I woke him up and asked him where William was. He replied with a sad look and said 'He fought against them... He fought and he lost. They killed him Henry.' He began to cry in my arms, and I knew we had to get out unnoticed and alive.

I looked for about an hour or so it felt for an exit. There was a wall that had what seemed like softball sized fish eggs with some type of slime on them, pushed my hand through the cracks of them and felt and opening. I called Issac over and we pushed our way through together. One popped all over Issac and he was covered in slime. When that happened we heard a horrid scream come from some close general area in the place that we were in. We started to run left to look for any ways out. We ran into a window and looked out of it. We were in the cloud bank. My first though was that we were in some type of air craft, but I soon came to realize that I was indeed in an alien space ship. We looked behind of us, and an enraged female creature was there, she had extremely sharp teeth busting out of her lip and razor sharp claws, still looking like the same creature from before just evolved. The breath coming from her nose hole that was getting larger and smaller as she continued to pant.

She soon then charged after us and we couldn't find anything to defend us. We ran into what seemed to be like a control room with a dozen of others just like her. They all stood up and evolved just like she did. They started coming after us. A ran to the left and Issac ran to the right. The majority of them ran toward him and they... They got him. They tore his entire body in half using their nails and began to eat starting from the eye balls.

I quickly ran over to the controls, and one of them got a hold of my feet and dragged me back. He started to hold me like a baby, but I could feel its anger. I knew I had to do something and quickly, so I stuck my fingers in its eye ball, blinding the devil- like creature, broke off one of its sharp teeth and with all of my force I jabbed it in his breathing hole. It killed the beast and I frantically ran to the controls and pressed all of the buttons repeatedly. I twisted a joy stick in the downwards position and we soon crashed into the streets of London. On the way down I had strapped myself into one of the chairs and one of the aliens went through the front glass. When we touched the ground, I ran out of the space ship in the hole that the previous alien left in the glass and kissed the ground. I saw the dead alien's body not too far from where we had crashed. Large groups of people approached the ship, and I warned them to get back, but it was too late. The aliens has come out in some type of suits. They started to kill everyone, including children. They collected their dead friend's body, and chaos broke out. Buildings caught fire, people were running and screaming for safety. Suddenly they all were vaporized, but not dead. I think their leader zapped them back into the ship because immediately after the ship lifted up off the ground and soon gone from plane sight. People started to walk around like normal again, but I kept hearing voices in my head saying 'Azracha. This isn't over. We will be back. We will' I couldn't help but start screaming frantically at all the destruction and voices in my head at the same time. A crowd surrounded me looking confused and someone called 911.

A man came up to me and asked me if everything was okay, and I stated what just happened and how he was there because I remembered seeing him there. Everyone thought I was talking crazy, but I couldn't see how they didn't recall what JUST happened. So then I was taken away, and now I'm here, which is okay with me by all means." The doctor sat there for a second with a blank stare. A whisper again says to me, "YOU FOOL.".

All of a sudden he gets up and started walking towards the door. He stopped just a second before he reached the door and said in a deep voice, "What was the name of the aliens?" I had no reply. He began to transform into a taller man, his tongue started to slither out about 10 feet and started grabbing my sides. He squeezed me and says, "TELL ME HUMAN." He began to turn into this big green monster with gills. I say, "Azratcha." The voice comes again "IDIOT, PATHETIC FOOL."

The monster has me in a grip so tight I'm starting lose oxygen. I am screaming and screaming for help and no one comes. He then starts to cut me on my neck with his excess tongue and now I can't breathe! I CAN'T BREATHE! "HELP ME! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" And now there is nothingness. It is dark. I see nothing but a strange light.

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