Save me

March 13, 2013
By Paxton126 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
Paxton126 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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I was driving down a dark dirt road that I have never seen or even drove by in my life, because somebody told me it was a short cut. I was heading to the grocery store to pick up watermelons, pineapples, and a new cutting knife. I kept driving until I saw what looked like an old man standing in the middle of the street, but it didn't seem to bother me. Then I kept driving, but he wouldn't move, so I honked. He still didn't move. I tried to drift around him, but flipped my car, and I was knocked out. When I was conscious, I looked out the car, but I didn't see anything. Then I started walking until I found a farm house. I thought I could see purple light next to it. I knocked on the door, and the door cracked open. I fell in and saw a mysterious figure that just vanished into the the air. The floor was cracked enough to where I could fall through it. That creeped me out. I looked around a little, and I could see that ghost like figure heading right toward me, and it lifted me up and brought me into another room. It threw me down on to the ground. It seemed like a kitchen because I saw a sink, some chairs, and a table. I could feel alot of pain in my leg, but I didn't know what it was until I got up. There was a knife in my leg. The ghost was coming again. It lifted me up, brought me into a living room, and sat me down on a wooden chair with blood and chains around it. I screamed, but it wasn't loud at all. I was so stunned I couldn't even talk. I thought for a second that the ghost was gone until I felt something tickle my knee, so I jumped, ran back in the kitchen, and grabbed a knife. From what I could see I thought the door was open, I ran for it, but obviously I had to trip on a loose piece of wood. I heard the floor creaking. The windows were opening and shutting. I looked back in the kitchen and all I saw was a boot with a bottle in it. There was a message in the bottle that said, you won't make it out of here. I got the nerve to go upstairs, but I shouldn't have. I saw a little girl that was really bloody, so I ran for her until she got tackled into the closet by the ghost that said,"you like the tricks I play?" I took a step back forgetting about the stairs, so I fell down the stairs. When I got up, there was a knife in my back. I struggled to get to the door, but I made it. Outside I found my car in perfectly good shape, but still I was hurt. Once I made it to my car everything was fine.

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