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Artificial Intelligents

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“A.I,” a man said, “tell me what happened here.”
“Authorization required, place hand here,” the man did as he was told,” authorization complete, information recording is playing.”
‘There once was a house that was built on Jamul Ave in 1965. It was a two story, three bedroom, two bath, house, it even had a basement. With upkeep and good tendons it survived and now housed the Xalvador family on January 15, 3,000 until February, 13 3013. In the house lived two men and three women. Dominic Xalvador-age 45, short dark hair, tall with green eyes- , and Ellena Xalvador- age 40, long brown hair, short with blue eyes- were the owner’s of the house. Eliijah-age 18, 6’4 with long black hair and light green eyes- , Kateleena-age 16, long curly hair, blue eyes, about 5’7-, and Carla-age 10 with brown hair, blue eyes, and about 5’4- also lived in this house and were the offspring of both Dominic and Ellena. A family which was once happy is now holding more anger and resentment than ever. It all started when they moved into this house.’
“A.I, tell me more about Dominic Xalvador, who was he? What did he do? Why was their animosity?”
‘Dominic Xalvador was a scientist, doctor, and a political leader all at age 32. He and his colleagues in the year 3,000 made the first A.I or Artificial Intelligence which at first could only be portrayed in holographic form. The A.I’s held as much information as the creator would allow, they could be as vast as a computer or as simple as a front door tenant. Dominic Xalvador met Ellena at age 16 and went on to get married and have Elijah when Ellena was 19. As the years went on they had more children but Dominic continued to work. His colleagues then revolutionized the world when they were able to create a body for the A.I.’
“Create a body? Make the machines?”
‘Robots are the right terminology. Now the A.I were able to come and go as instructed, interact with humans, deliver messages, clean the house, virtually anything they were asked to do they would do.’
“How did the first model look and anything? So what if they...I don’t know; were instructed to do something like kill the President or commit suicide? ”
‘The first model looks similar to the ones we have today. Most are approximately 6’0 tall with the metal skeleton of a human, with tented fiberglass as the exterior. Most have eyes, a nose, a mouth that would move when they would speak. Dominic wanted people to feel comfortable with the Robots so he made them look like humans. As for that command, the A.I would inform an officer after calming the command invalid.’
“That doesn’t make sense, what about incident 3009.”
‘Analyzing incident 3009.’
“Cancel, tell me more about Dominic. How did this new Robot fit in with society?”
‘Canceled, after Dominic’s first creation-which he named Android-he presented it to the president. Once he explained its use and how he was fully in control with of this A.I through several demonstrations the President and congress made new laws that the world would have to follow. After these laws were passed they began production immediately. After Android was created, more of him was in high demand.’
“How much more?”
‘Approximately 69 percent of the households across the nation had a bodied A.I”
“ did this affect the Xalavdor household?”
‘It didn't at first. It over the next four years things became unpleasant. Dominic was working 18 out of 24 hours each day. Ellena and Dominic often argued and the kids felt rather unpleasant. Eliijah became angry. Dominic was trying to think of ways to improve the Robots and make them more human.
“Idiot, guess the pro’s were realized and not the cons.” The man said shaking his head.
‘Im sorry, but this A.I is limited to certain responds. Please rephrase the sentence or ask a different question.’
“ So Dominic worked all the time, I assume wasn't able to spend time with his wife or the kids. What was he working on? I mean the A.I database and software wasn't perfect but to be working as hard as he was doesn’t seem to make sense.”
‘Dominic was not just looking for a robot to act like a human, but for a robot to be a human.’
“...elaborate, what do you mean?”
‘He was looking to make the perfect Cybernetic Organism.’
“You mean to fuse man with robot?”
‘That is correct.’
“Thats insane. Who would want to be the test subject for that?”
‘As soon as the president discovered of Dominics plan, he terminated his company, business, and operation leaving Dominic with virtually nothing.’
“He obviously found someone, or else the president would not be dead, we wouldn't be at war with machines and the sky wouldn't be scorched.”
‘Im sorry, this A.I is limited to certain responds. Please rephrase the sentence or try a different question.’
‘What did Dominic do after he was shut down?”
‘His family saw it as a good thing. But Dominic did not, his obsession with his work eventually drove him crazy. He sedated his son when he was 17 and took him to his old lab where he attempted and succeeded in making the perfect hybrid of man and machine.’
“Wait, Dominic abducted his own son and turned him into a Hybrid?”
‘That is correct.’
“Then what happened?”
‘After that he ran tests on his son. Eliijah became stronger, faster, and his intelligence was that of a computer. Dominic kept him detained for 3 years.’
“What happened after the third year?”
‘With his new improvements it also inhanced his emotions. When he was sad he felt suicidal, when he was happy he was ecstatic, when he was determined he was dedicated and when he was angry he was in a rage. Eliijah grew weary of being in the same place. He realized he was superior to ordinary humans and wanted to make more of him so he escaped. He then abducted his baby sisters, and mother and also made them into hybrids.’
“The Original Family... So with Elijah now a hybrid, and his family the same, what did this mean for the other A.I’s? What happened to Dominic?”
‘The president had found out what Dominic had done and locked him away immediately. He tried to shut down the Robot project ASAP, but that failed however. When Eliijah had caught wind of his father’s imprisonment he devised a plan. He created Software that would corrupt the A.I’s to follow his will and do as he asked. Then later went on to incident 3009.’
“Eliijah created the virus for what reason? What was his overall plan?”
‘With his new intelligence he saw that humans were unfit for earth. He saw them as a disease to be purged. He did not think that robots should be slaves to the humans, but humans slaves to the robots.’
“What was his overall order?” The man asked again.
‘He commanded the Robots to kill the humans that opposed them and piled the bodies in the streets to make examples out of them. The President instantly acted just as Elijah knew he would. Elijah broke into a prison, and turned 8 death row inmates into Hybrids. They then seized the white house and Elijah beheaded the President on national T.V, which is now known as incident 3009 because it to place on the year 3009. He then began to give the speech that he hoped would frighten the humans.’
“Can you play the speech?” The A.I analyzed it and then and picture popped up. It was a picture of a man that mirrored himself. He sat in the Presidents chair with the president's head on the desk, he cleared his voice and began.
“Hello my...fellow Americans. I know many of you have no idea what's happening right now so I thought I would take this time to clear it up. My father, Dominic Xalvador, fuse me-his own son mind you- with an A.I, turning me into a Cybernetic Organism. The perfect Hybrid, a superior being to all you humans. I'm stronger, faster, and smarter. You humans have destroyed this world and used up most of its resources for you own pleasure because you only look out for yourself. Well thats all about to change... you see,” he said as he leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the presidents head,” the robots no longer listen to their owner, they listen to me. Eliijah Nee’klus Xalavdor and my family. They’ve been given their orders, so how does this affect you? Not in the slightest as long as you will follow my rules, my laws, my direction and you can live in harmony with us. Show me your worth and I may even make you into a Hybrid. But if you oppose me, stand against me, disobey my laws, well..” He paused for a moment he removed his feet from the Presidents head and instead grabbed it and held it near his own.
“This will happen to you. Surely you’ve seen the piles of bodies in the streets already and I have no problem ending every human bloodline. I give you all a fair warning, there will be more of me. Get comfortable, because this isn’t going to change for a long time. Let this be the first and last warning to you all. Join us or Die, the choice is yours.” The man stiffened and shook his head. The picture disappeared and the A.I reappeared. The man knew the rest of the story, but he wondered what the A.I knew.
“Tell me of the event that lead up to now.”
‘The death toll for humans grew by the thousands each day, and so did the amount of machines. Eliijah and his family assumed control and then widen their scope. But there were humans under the radar working to bring Eliijah down. His girlfriend, Sage, did not want Eliijah dead. She knew that the A.I in him must have been corrupt and there must be a way to make him normal again. She started a human group that went to war with the robots. The group was known as the Revolution.’
“Sage seeked to save him. How did she do that?”
‘She located Dominic. Dominic told her the one was to shut him down. Once her group was big enough to have a fighting chance they abducted Eliijah. She tried to reason with him at first but that did not work. She rebooted his system and fixed the corruptions within him. But it also erased his memory.’
“Yes I know. The war still continues because now the other family have control over the robots?”
‘That is correct.’
“Thank you A.I, now i want you to erase all the data. I need to end this war.”
“So,” a female said walking behind him,” now you remember your family history Eliijah?”
“Yes,” He said sighing,”that you for freeing me from my curse Sage. Now, we need to go clean up me and my father mess.”

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