The Unknown

February 27, 2013
Orlando Cepole is NOT an ordinary boy. His mom is the legendary Unknown who terrorizes the town Clearwater, Pennsilvania, on The Day of Fear. If his friends found out, he would be outcast. What does he do? Chapter 1: ACT 1 Anyone could see that this was not a normal day. Even the birds in the trees shivered with fear as a blood-chilling breeze, deadly as a blade, breathing the name of death down the necks of small children.
Everyone knew to fear this day, known as The Day of Fear, to the smallest animal, except Orlando.
Orlando Cepole was a normal boy – of sorts. He had blond hair, brown eyes, and a slight twitch in his smile. He normally wore cut-off faded jeans and a worn-out old shirt as he rode off with his friends, or more often, by himself. Orlando showed no emotion about this dreaded day in late October, when the leaves were almost gone and the tree’s topmost branches scratched at the faded gray sky. When the most dreaded of fears lurk the darkest corners of peoples’ homes and filthiest hiding places in disused alleyways. He was only vaguely aware of the danger as he took out his bike and rode to the forest every day to explore the greenery and changing environment.
But the forest would be the last place that one would go today for any reason at all. The forest was deadly for multiple reasons on The Day of Fear – especially for a boy of only twelve. For in the forest, lives a creature that is fearsome to every soul who really care to know about it. This creature is so widely feared, and yet few people know of it’s true form. Those who have seen the beast’s true form have gone insane or died. Their faces wiped clean off the face of the earth. It appears to one as the person’s one terrible fear, or all of their fears if they creature can manage, and then feeds upon their fear, memories, and the very air they breath. Therefore – and we are not talking about the boggarts from Harry Potter, here – the occupants of Clearwater, Pennsylvania have named this creature The Unknown.
Orlando, who had set his bike down against a tree, was crunching leaves on his way up the path that he and his friends had stamped down countless times, keeping track of the plants and his surrounding area, memorizing the very sound of his feet hitting the soft sod beneath the dried multi-colored leaves, still unaware that no breathing thing will be crossing his path except The Unknown. Suddenly he felt a chilled breath on his neck and heard a rasping voice that sounded as if the crackling leaves themselves were speaking to him, yet the voice spoke from the air around him.
“You should not have come, mortal boy.” The voice chuckled.
“I was just following orders, Aelphine.” Orlando replied, No hint of emotion swayed his words.
“And yet you are shivering.” Aelphine observed. “Did I scare you?” Orlando laughed.
“Not in the slightest, Mother.” Aelphine materialized in front of him and Orlando barely moved, as though this happened every day; It only happened once a year, on The Day of Fear. Orlando was the only one who did not break down in screams of insanity when he met with The Unknown. Chapter Notes: If you want me to write a second chapter, please comment below.

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