Nine 11

February 26, 2013
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Today was September 11,2001 and Steve Thompson is walking to go to work. He works in Ground
Zero in one of the towers. As he was walking, he has some sort of vision of a tersest attack dealing with
two planes hitting both towers. Steve stood there thinking on what he should do. He knew he had that
vision for a reason so he sprinted into work.

He got there and told a security guard, mike. Mike doesn’t want to believe this is true and tells Steve
to just go to work and everything will be fine. Steve still believing his vision was true, stood there trying
to convince Mike to tell everyone to get out of the building. Mike knew that if it isn’t true, he would be
held responsible for telling everyone to get out and probably lose his job, so he just ignored Steve. He
left the lobby and comes back 15 minutes later after clearing his head. There was no way he is going to
go into work today because his wife just had their baby boy and he doesn’t want to risk that. Steve
walks right up to Mike and states that he has a bomb hooked up to him and if he doesn’t get everyone
out of the towers then he will set off the bomb. Mike grabs his arm forcefully and takes him outside. He
knows Steve would never do that, but Mike didn’t want any of the workers to be frightened.

Steve is in the middle of telling Mike his vision when he suddenly has another one. In the vision is
shows little parts of the attack about how the tersest took over the planes and how it’s going to happen
soon. Steve “woke up” to Mike staring at him. He told him all the visions and Mike didn’t know if he
wanted to believe someone would do such a terrible thing. Mike admitted not having a bomb hooked up
to him but he knows somehow he has to get everyone out of the tower with or without Mikes help. Ten
minutes had past and he knows he has to do something right now. He calls his secretary to tell everyone
on that floor to get out of the building and spread the word. The secretary, Tami, tells everyone and
they all listened and left. They were all in a hurry to get out that they forgot to tell everyone else to get
out. When Mike only sees his floor came out, he had no choice but to go in and tell everyone.

He first started on the first floor even though he knew the planes would hit the middle part. He told
his friend Sam that was the President of Company what is going to happen if everyone in the towers do
not exit. Him being the President didn’t want anything to happen to his company so he just kept
working. Mike went up to the second floor and figures he’ll just tell Sam on the way down. He got to the
second floor and told the first person he saw. Steve didn’t wait to hear the ladies response because he
knew he had an enormous amount of levels to warn. He is making progress because when he looked on
the floor level he was on the 33. Steve is in such a frantic that he had to call his wife warning her what
he is doing and why. He has to hear her voice to calm him down and focus.

Mike is in the second tower and all of sudden all the windows just broke making a tortious noise. He
looks over to his right and sees tower one has been hit. Mike yells “Everybody out!” He knows tower
two was next. He sees this old lady trying to gather all of her stuff and grabs her hand to help her get out
fast. Mike helping everyone to get out that he’s not thinking about his own life. He is on the 56 floor and
knew if he just at least helped this floor then he’ll start heading down because it’s only a couple minutes
till his tower gets hit.

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