James and Karen

February 26, 2013
By Anonymous

James is a single dad with three children Jane matt and Carl. James body is covered in scars; his divorce was a very messy one...a very messy one indeed. Before she was taken, she was abusive she hated being there with her mistake children and she only stayed because James had money, lots and lots of money that’s why she seduced him she wanted all that money. This women Karen was sinister she was plotting her revenge on her family from the day she was put into that bright white coat. For days and months years she plots while little old James is falling for another girl. Karen finally after many long years finds the perfect plot, the perfect plot to get her revenge and off her mistake children.

Later that week James is sitting on the couch with his new wife in their honey moon sweet and hears a braking news story about a missing patient at the same hospital his last abusive wife had been taken... He frantically leaves the hotel and rushes home to his children who were still at the house with his parents when he arrived they left so it’s just James his new wife sandy and the three children he turns on the news they got her! James is relieved and they all go to bed after the TV was off they announced the hospital had miscounted and that a women was still missing the next morning he wakes up and rolls over to look at his wife he went to hug her she was cold and there was something on the sheets on her other side he rolled her over she was dead her throat was slit the width and length of a ruler on its side he screamed the bed was soaked with fresh blood he knew with terror she was in the house he put all the kids in one room and locked the door and when he turned around Carl was gone and the window was open No! he screamed and then he saw it what a father should never see his sons limp body swing through the window missing its head he grabbed the other two under each arm running out the door down the stars through the front door he opened it his youngest child’s head was hanging right in front of him it swayed in the wind c’mon he yelled the glass door was open and Jane was gone no! her head rolled on the floor he held Matt in his arm and not noticing he ran through a noose it caught matt’s neck and when James tugged mats spinal cord ripped from his back and lay dead in his arms all three of his beloved children and new wife were dead he stood there with nothing left not even his tears. He thought of suicide but then his anger sparked. She and he both had nothing he not even fears. You will die he screamed, then collapsed.

As he woke he thought it was a dream but he was laying right where he stood 3 days before his mind had shut down and he slept and slept and slept he looked around and saw his children but he couldn’t morn she would win he couldn’t let her win. He ate what he could he needed energy for what need to be done only to spew it everywhere when he saw Jane just laying there he cried but he couldn’t waste time she must be stopped and pay for what she did to him she must suffer! He gained power and strength from the hatred and need for revenge. He went got in his car and turned on the radio they were still searching for the crazed patient he thought to himself she can’t have gone far it hasn’t been long then he heard the man say it was the 21sthe thought the 21 I came home the 17th so I slept for 3 days! He drove and drove he drove through the woods on the freeway he drove for days slept in the car and drove some more. Listening to that same old timely radio station trying and trying to hear any news of this horrible cyco he used to call wife then he thought about it she had always said she wanted to buy and live in this house up on the ledge near the lake, James thought I know that lake. In his head he pictured the old creaky house that stood alone the top of a ledge by the lake he whirled around and drove as fast as he could.

When he pulled onto the road, He approached much slower and decided to hide his car so she wouldn’t see him coming. He drove up next to some very tall bushes and got out making sure not to slam the car door as not to alarm her in any way he took a dirt path that perfectly went around the house as if destined to be there. He crouched and crawled around and he noticed a window which was not low but not high it was wide open he looked around he needed to get in there and he realized that the lights were on! He knew she was there that dastardly women who took his life away from him because of her he had nothing left he started to breathe heavier and heavier then he heard “James you can use the front door” his heart sank she knew he was there she knew he had come and she knew. He walked around knowing that only one would live and her being there he decided he would be the one laying there after it was all said and done on the front porch there was a knife stuck into the old worn down but somewhat familiar welcome mat, he took it by the handle and opened the rusted screen door and walked in. In here she called he followed her voice into the kitchen and there she stood in a now very dirty white coat he glared at her and spoke why do I have this why did you do this what did I do to deserve to lose my family?! She smiled and said you put me away into that horrid place it. With horror he realized she was one hundred percent serious she meant what she said his eyes flared with anger he knew that’s where she belonged but she was filled with lunacy her eyes were empty she had nothing of sense of right or wrong why hadn't he noticed before why!! He lunged forward and then the lights went out and there was a crash and then silence, silence but the waves crashing against the rocks below.

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