The jump

February 20, 2013
By Bloodryne BRONZE, Beatrice, Nebraska
Bloodryne BRONZE, Beatrice, Nebraska
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"Forever Alone"- Meme

As I overlooked the edge of a cliff on which I stood, I saw only hope. Just one last chance of survival. I looked back at the strange man with his strange gun. With a blank stare he exclaimed “There is no where left to run, you are alone, helpless and exhausted. With no one left to save you!”

“No!” I screamed. “You are the only thing I hate in this world, and it will be you who dies in this world alone. Not me!” I charged towards him. With this rush of adrenaline, I smacked his gun right out of his hand. Tackled him and began to hit him, as hard as I could. I put my hands around his neck and began to choke him. It was at that very moment I realized, I was fighting to survive. Killing had become the normal for me. I wasn’t out of rage, it was out of fear. Then, the man grabbed his gun and took one shot to my stomach. My body felt as if I had been hit by a train. He threw me off of him. I began to crawl my way to the cliff once again. I had reached the very edge by the time the mad had collected himself. He pulled up his gun and aimed right for my head. He pulled the trigger. It whizzed by my face barely missing me. My body as an instinct threw myself off the edge of the cliff, to dodge the bullet. I fell, only thinking of my friends I had left behind. My body hit the water below, with a bone breaking force. Then, everything went black.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my friend

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