the last camping trip

February 20, 2013
By unknowncriminal GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
unknowncriminal GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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The Last Camping Trip

In the little town of Centerville there wasn’t to much that went on besides the drug and alcohol problem. A couple of friends Jim and Daris decided to go camping with a few other friends on Friday. They all met up at Jim’s where they decided that it would be a weekend without phones,and headed out to the Reservoir. They drank and partied all night long and finally about 6 am they were all passed out. When they finally woke up they noticed a few people were gone. Jim and Daris woke everyone else up and started to clean the place up a little bit. After they got the place cleaned up they went and looked for Tom and Sally. They went into the woods to look and found Sally's boot, and it looked like there was some blood on it.

Jim, Daris and the others decided to go deeper into the woods. They were hoping to find their friends passed out somewhere on the trail, but what they found made them stop dead in their tracks. They saw their friend Tom or what was left of him on the trail with his head smashed into a tree, and body parts laying everywhere. The kids instantly freaked out, and ran back to the camp. They all jumped in their cars but none of them would start. They jumped out and started running for the road and they all stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a big figure in the middle. It was a man, and he was coming right at them with an ax in his hand. The kids ran back to their camp, and tried to make a plan. Jim and Daris were the only two that weren’t freaking out, they were trying to stay calm. The others were running around yelling and screaming not knowing what to do.

Jim and Daris eventually got everyone calmed down they started making a plan. Their plan was to find Sally and try to navigate through the woods to get back to town. Some of the friends like Justin and Mike didn’t want to look for Sally because they thought she was dead. After awhile of arguing they decided they would look for her. They found what weapons they could like baseball bats, big sticks, golf clubs, and the little knives they have with them. They heard a gunshot and then heard Sally scream. They bolted into the woods towards the gunshot. After they went about two miles in they saw a little torn up piece of crap house. The place smelled like rotting flesh, and their was death all around. They heard the door open and slam hard they looked and saw a large man come out wearing an old ripped shirt and jeans, with boots. His face was big with a big black bushy beard a foot long. They looked at him closely and could see blood on him. Jim told everyone that they were going in the house to find Sally and nobody argued.

Once they got in the little old house they searched the whole place and didn't find her. They started looking for secret passages and trap doors. Barney hollered for them to come to the kitchen. When everyone got in there they didn’t see Barney and yelled for him. Out of nowhere he popped up out of the floor and startled them all. Mike started yelling because Barney scared everyone. Once they all got calm again they went down the hole, and started walking down a little pathway. The pathway was pitch black, damp, and cold. They heard something coming towards them so they all got against the wall and kept quiet. The big man walked past them not having any clue they were there. About five minutes after he passed they started walking again. They walked about fifty yards and came to a big opening that was lit by candles. In the corner chained to the wall they saw Sally. They all ran to her and tried freeing her but the chains were to strong. Barney looked around but couldn’t find anything to break the chains with.

They heard a big thud and when they turned towards it they saw the man standing just feet away. They all took off in different directions except Barney. He went towards the man and got stabbed in the should with an ax. Barney kicked the guy in the knee and escaped, and when they all met up again they all asked him if he was crazy. He told them no and then showed them the keys he took from the guy which he hopes will free Sally. Barney goes back in, takes the chains off and they both started running out. When the were within feet from the door the man stepped in there path with a long pointed rusted pipe. Barney and Sally ran into the pipe and it went through both of them, and killed them instantly.

Mike, Justin, Daris, and Jim were standing in the woods waiting for them to return when the man appeared, and they saw him carrying there friends. They all freaked out and started running back to the camp. When they got to the camp they tried starting the cars again but like last time it didn’t work. They started talking and decided to make a trap for the man. We decided Daris was the decoy so all he had to do was get on the ground and yell that his leg was broke. After doing this for around fifteen minutes the man showed up and walked slowly to him. When he was just feet in front of him the others pulled the rope and it hoisted the man upside down twenty feet in the air. As he was going up he grabbed Daris, and took him up with him. The man dropped Daris and he landed on his neck and died. After he dropped him he pulled out a knife and cut the rope.

Jim, Mike, and Justin stood there in shock and when the man got up and came towards them Mike and Justin ran, but Jim was still in shock. The man took his knife and slit his throat and down Jim went. The man started coming after them next and he caught Justin and stabbed him in the back multiple times. Then it was just Mike and he didn’t know what to do. So he just kept running until he was so tired he could barely stand ,so he he stopped under a huge pine tree for a few minutes. When he got up he saw the man in front of him. The man shot him in the dome piece with an arrow and he stuck to the tree. The mystery man felt something touch his belt. When the man turned around Justin was behind him and he had taken his gun. As the man stepped towards him Justin turned the gun sideways and said KILL SHOT, and unloaded the whole clip on him, shooting him in the head and heart multiple times.
Then a few seconds later Justin went to the ground and realized he was bleeding out. In about a minute he was on the ground all around him.

Lately down at the police station they have been getting calls from parents about their kids going camping at the Reservoir and not coming back. The police decided to go look around out there and when they got there they noticed their tents, and vehicles were still there but the kids were nowhere in sight. The cops went walking down the trail and found a body which they later found out was Tom. They immediately called for back up. When the other officers arrived they filled them in on what they think has happened. They broke up into groups and searched the whole place finding all of the kids bodies, and the mystery man. After they found all the bodies and identified them they called the parents to tell them the one thing parents don’t want to here. Still nobody knew who the man was so they took his fingerprints, and a few other samples to try to figure out who this man was.

A few days later they found out that the man was Wyatt Sheat, and he was wanted for many murders. The police officers called all the parents again and told them who the man was and that he had a history of killing teenagers. They determined how each kid was killed Tom by having his head smashed in. Barney and Sally died about the same time because Sally was following him and they ran into a rusted piece of pipe that went right through them both. Next they determined Daris died by falling from a great distance and landing on his neck. After Daris was Jim who died by having his throat cut. Justin was stabbed multiple times in the back but didn’t die yet. Mike was killed by being shot in the head with an arrow, and he was stuck to a tree by the arrow. Next they said Justin killed Wyatt with a gun by shooting him multiple times. Justin died shortly after because of all of the knife wounds on his back causing him to bleed out. The officers said that Justin went out with a bang. About a week after the teenagers death they had one giant funeral for all of them. At the funeral they talked about how wonderful the kids were, and how they were very courageous. They said that all of the kids that day were courageous because they did what they could to try to save their friends. At the end of the funeral the mayor stood up and walked to the microphone. At first he said he was sorry all of this happened, and then he told the parents he was going to put a golden statue of all the kids up at the Reservoir if they didn’t mind. Almost at once all of the parents said yes that would be ok. The mayor told them that it would be done in about a week or so, and that he would call when it was done.

About a week and half after the funeral all the parents were called and told the statue was complete. The parents all met out there and when they arrived there was a tarp covering the gigantic statue. The tarp got pulled of and when they saw it they started crying because that was their kids up there. The mayor personally went down and talked to all of them, and said if there was anything he could do to help he would do it.

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This is the most exciting and erotic story i have ever heard


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