Too Late To Back Down

February 17, 2013
By MadihaYameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
MadihaYameen PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Woke up in London yesterday,
Found myself in a city near Piccadilly,
Don’t really know how I got there.
Got a few pictures on my phone,
New names and numbers that I don’t know,
Addresses to places like abbey road,
Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want,
We are young enough to say…….. oh this is gotta be a good life…… a good good life.

Good life by One Republic was playing loudly on his Chevy’s mp3 player. He thought “is this a good life?” the answer came out by itself.
Chris Hernandez was 21, with jet-black hair, electric blue eyes and slightly tanned skin; he was Mexican born American; a Yankee. His family never accepted him in their house, and his friends named him a lunatic, dropped out of high school, he kept rolling in the deep.
His life was always miserable, he didn’t used to efface himself but folks always found him creepy, still he was the owner of a kind heart.
He came to New York when he turned 20 (a year ago, started working at Ellie’s Deli, a frozen-food shop.
One day, two blokes Jay and Kay (never told their real name) came and watched him closely. Chris was good at convincing people to buy stuff they don’t even need. Maybe it was that make-believe look in his eyes?!!
Jay and Kay asked him for a favor – a job actually. The job was; Chris was going to sell their stuff and supposed to have 50% of profit, sounds reasonable; he was living his life like a mendicant… but not anymore. Chris got the deal, in a week he sold the Jeremy Ivanovich singing toothbrush with an inserted USB. The product was $100; he earned $7500 from them, if he keeps it running, he thought, he could be a millionaire in few years. Estupendamente!!!
But unfortunately, their product was a stolen one.
Chris got sucked with this job for months, made a large sum of money. But he was an aficionado; he suspected that something was very queer about his suppliers. They refused his idea of renting a place and making a it a permanent chop, instead they agreed to ream around and sell their stuff. Chris didn’t argue because he was getting his share regularly.
Once, when he got his money, assuming that he will take it home when he’s free, he hid it in the warehouse; (that was where they keep their supplies) and forgot to take it back.
It was the end of April; Chris was going back to warehouse to get back his money. When he reached the place he found that Jay and Kay was already there, Jay was smoking, he threw the smoldering match stick on a bundle of hay, accidently. A big fire broke out. The flame leapt up, till it got half the roof down. They both ran away leaving Chris to moan about his money.
It was the bad luck day or what? A van full of kids was on their picnic trip, found that warehouse interesting or pretty boring, and got inside just before the fir broke out.
When Chris saw those screaming and bawling kids, a memory struck him…… saw his toddler sister burning in the same way, he couldn’t do anything, she died….. He took hold of himself and in rescued them, played Mr. Firefighter. As Soon as he jumped out from the remains of that filth, he got unconscious, fell on the ground.
Three weeks later, he was driving in his Chevy at home; he remembered working for those phonies, having his pockets full of dollars, then fire…… so on.
But who cares now! He was a hero. Hey what exactly was the headline “A guy not older than Lautner saved kids from fire, here is another Bourne”, he even got a reward.
Chris thought bitterly “all is well that ends well?”
When you are happy like a fool
Let it take you over
When everything’s is out
What’s there to complain about?
This is gotta be a good life
A good, good life.
“Yes “he smiled “this is good life”

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