February 16, 2013
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Sami was smiling big as she flew down the road in her car. She had just left her boyfriends house after the best first date ever. He had been such a gentlemen; she even received her first kiss. thinking about it, Sami drove faster and faster down the road. With the wind blowing in her hair and 9801 jamming in the background, she was super happy. As she came over the hill there was a stop sign. The breaks squealed and squeaked and she slowed to an almost stop and kept going. A couple miles down the road Sami saw a person up the road. From the back he looked like a large man in jeans and a green raincoat; even though it was sunny. Sami slowed down to the speed limit, but stayed in the middle of the lane; after all, he was on the other side of the road. as she got closer the man turned and looked at her. There was nothing really unusual about him, except that he was really pale. The man turned around and Sami kept driving. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man run out in front of her! Sami slammed on the brakes, but it wasn't quick enough. The body slams onto her bumper, then shudders up the windshield! Sami jammed the car into park and raced to the man. His coat and shirt are ripped, revealing a gaping wound down his cheat. his face is a bloody pulp from skidding across and the pavement. Blood is pooling around his head. Sami stood there a minute in shock. Looking around quickly and seeing she is alone, she ran to the car and grabbed her phone. She dialed 911 with shaky fingers.

"Hello,hello?" She mutters.

A voice on the other end answers,"Calm down ma'am, where are you located at?"

"Located?" shouts Sami, " Who cares where I'm located there is a dead man here!"

The operator changes her tune, 'Where are you? What does the man look like?"

"I'm off of 18, and the man looks like uh let me look..."

Sami turns to look back at the man, screams and drops the phone. The man is slowly crawly toward her! There is blood pouring out of his chest, leaving a trial on the road.

"Miss,Miss?" The voice on the phone is drowned out by more screaming.

The skin on the man's face is slowly receding; pulling taunter and taunter against his face. The skin was a sickly, unearthly, moldy, brown color. One eye popped out and rolled along the ground, leaving just one dark socket and a dead eye staring at a now silent Sami. The skin was all gone, just yellow teeth and white bone was left. The mouth clanked open and shut as a boney hand reached out towards Sami. This time she fainted.

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