The Chase

February 8, 2013
By Kristin Barwin BRONZE, Romeo, Michigan
Kristin Barwin BRONZE, Romeo, Michigan
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Wind blew through her burgundy hair as she weaved in and out of the crooked trees. The burnt orange leaves were beginning to fall and they scattered the tangle of brush surrounding her. Rain was sprinkling down and left small puddles in all directions, which reflected her dirt covered face. The moisture made it difficult to breathe as she sprinted away, but the glistening drops of rain felt refreshing on her bare arms.

Movement, out of the corner of her eye, caused her to jump. Through the branches, she could make out a face watching her move through the dense foliage. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. She picked up her pace, pushing herself deeper into the woods. “You can run sweetheart, but I am still going to catch you,” he taunted.

Left and right she maneuvered around the trees. The pounding of her torn, muddy boots were tearing apart the crisp leaves with every step. No matter how fast she ran, he continued to follow her. With her mind fixed on other thoughts, she hadn't noticed the decaying tree lying in her path. Scrambling to get up, her eyes fell on every rock and crevice until she eventually spotted a hidden cave. As she made her way into the cave, she ran her fingers lightly against the damp walls. A bright light was shining at the end of the tunnel. The sound of pounding water poured into her ears.

Walking out into the radiating sunlight, she felt her tension slip away. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Crashing down to the depths below her was a stunning waterfall that folded over the edges of rocks and sprayed a cool sprinkle of water drops that cleansed the grime off her cracking skin.

After a quick swim she made her way back towards the rocky cave, she found a corner and set her belongings down. The walls were dripping with moisture and the air was heavy and thick. A musty, foul odor hung in the air and a cool breeze swept over her. The sun peaked through the foliage but the only warmth came from the body standing only paces away.

The alluring boy was leaning confidently against the curved cave wall, watching her intently. His eyes burned with excitement and a smirk slowly spread across his face. He laughed with his deep voice and the muscles on his arms tensed with every chuckle.

“Hi sweetheart, fancy meeting you here.” Gradually he took a couple steps towards his crouching victim. “You’re not going to let me win that easily are you?” Every step that led him closer to her presence, left a slight impression in the dirt. Reaching out, he aimed for her tensed shoulder. His fingers left a tingling sensation from where he had touched her. She was glad it was all over- at least for now. The chase may have ended, but the game had just begun.

“Tag, you’re it.”

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