Turning the Key

February 8, 2013
By Kadensize BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Kadensize BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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The old man walked to his desk and pulled out a key. He handed it with a scowl to his nephew. “You don’t know what you’re doing,” he muttered

The young man stared at the gold key for a moment before looking to his uncle, his face pleading. “Please, Uncle, you must understand—“

“Just go, Daniel. I’ll have no part in this. It’s your own burden to bear now. If it works, if the legends are true, then you have to realize what you’re doing. You sign my death warrant.”

“Uncle, it’s simply a fairy tale. You can truly believe what the legends say!”

“Shouldn’t I!? Would you really risk our lives to prove me wrong? What of your mother? You brother? What about Sarah?” Daniel hesitated now, picturing his wife. The old man took the opportunity, “What of your son? Have you picked out a name yet?”

“Lucas,” Daniel muttered quietly.
“Lucas,” the old man nodded. “Would you risk Lucas?”
Daniel looked at his Uncle, his expression fearful and weak. He searched his elder’s face for some strength, and apparently found it for he immediately turned on his heel, storming to the dresser and wrenching the bottom drawer open. “Can’t you imagine, though? Daniel Harris, the one man to prove the legend of Pandora’s box false?”
“For God’s sake, you’re doing it for money and fame, then!? Even more ridiculous! There are plenty of safer ways!”
But Daniel refused to listen as he pulled out the false bottom of the drawer, lifting out a small chest with elaborate Persian art of life and death along the edges. Daniel ran his fingers along the art and then grasped the key firmly. He held the key towards the box with trembling fingers, and then felt a tingling. He frowned, looking down at his belly, and then gasped, seeing blood soaking his cotton shirt, pouring from the wound caused by a sword through his stomach. He turned his head, seeing his old uncle grasping the handle of the sword, his eyes apologetic.
“I never hoped it’d be you, Daniel. I’m so sorry… But I’ve protected this box for sixty-eight years. I can’t stop now.”
Daniel fell to the ground, the sword still in his back, and the gold key tumbled from his open hand.

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on Feb. 12 2013 at 9:04 pm
MadilynRose123 BRONZE, Somewhere In, Pennsylvania
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The plot is absolutly something you could work with, and I really enjoyed it! However, the reader might be confused, because his uncle gave him the key (implying he was against his nephew opening it, but was willing to give him the means to do it) but then,before his nephew could use the key his uncle gave him, his uncle kills him. Why give him the key and then kill him? Just a thought. :)


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