The Shadows

February 5, 2013
By Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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The Shadows

I hated moving.
I never wanted to leave.
But now I must start over.
All my life we have been on the move for my moms job. I never stayed in the same town for more then a year and I never let anyone in, in my life. My mom worries about me, but that lasts for a second before her phone rings and she must leave.

It's the beginning of summer and we just moved to a town called,"Woods Valley". Our house is a old victorian styled two story, and to me, its in the middle of nowhere. The driveway itself is over a mile long.
Since we had to move this means new friends, new neighborhood, and new people I will have to meet. But that can wait 'till tomorrow, so I made my way to my new room with only a boxful of my belongings. My room is located on the second story with two larger windows that make up most if my wall space. The walls are covered with old wallpaper with roses going down the whole thing and all of the furniture was dusty, old, wood dressers and mantles. I never had furniture of my own for we always rent houses furnished. There is not enough room in my moms life for frivolous items of my own.
My mom had already made herself at home in the new office on the phone, which will go on for hours. I have gotten use to this lifestyle of being dependent, for me and my mother were never close.
I sat down my small box and made my way to the windows that oversaw the whole forest and pond in the back. This is the reason why I choose this room, for it gives me peace of mind and serenity. The sun was setting and everything was coming alive at nite.
I then stared at my reflection in the window who was looking right back, but seemed upset. Her long black hair contrasted with her pale face. She looked fragile and innocent, but lonely. Then those deep blue eyes is what gave her the look of hope, like something good was gonna happen out of this move. Me, myself, and I have changed. But no one saw for they were to busy, or never saw me long enough to even notice.

That was when I noticed a movement across the tall grass into the forest.
There on top of a branch of an old hollow oak tree sitting was a dark figure, with two pale blue eyes staring back. My voice was caught in my throat and I was frozen by fear. Goosebumps traveled down my arms to my toes. But when I blinked it was gone, just an empty tree in the forest remained.
As I gained control, I went downstairs feeling those goosebumps still on my arms reminding me that I just saw two eyes stare at me from my window. I made my way to my mothers office where she feel asleep by the keyboard. I didn't want to disturb her for she would need to wake up in a few hours at five to start all over again. So I kissed her cheek and pulled a blanket from the chair over her shoulders.

As I went to bed, I began drifting off rather quickly. I was comforted by
the sounds from the pond like the crickets chirping and frogs croaking.
Then I began to dream for the first time in many months.

(Dreaming) I am walking through a green field of thick fog and mist, I could see no more that two feet in front of me. I looked up and saw a black sky with tiny stars filling it. I noticed my hand, it was like the rest of my skin, so light that it was almost transparent. Then a outline of a figure in front of me appeared, it was tall, muscular, and that's when I went up to look at its face, I saw those same blue piercing eyes. I wanted to take a step forward, but I just couldn't move. The figure began whispering my name so softly I could barley hear it. It then started walking towards me, but everything started fading. I tried to hold on to the dream, instead it got farther and farther away.
I awoke startled, at first I couldn't remember what I was dreaming of, then those blue eyes full of curiosity and dark secrets hidden beneath reminded me of the nightmare or dream.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon being baked.
I must be imaging it for my mother has never cooked for me since I was like five. I began waking down the stairs, then I looked out my window one more time to see if I just made up the whole thing, but nope. There was the tree surrounded by the field, although today was foggy.

I made my way to the kitchen and there I saw pancakes and bacon on a plate on the old mahogany table. I sat down and saw the note next to it saying, Ran to store, be back soon.
After I finished eating the most delicious home meal in a while, I went and got dressed upstairs. I decided that I was going to adventure out in the forest by the pond, just to look around.
As I stepped out the door I noticed that the grass still had morning dew on it, but it was covered with a blanket fog that lead the way to the woods.
I felt the cool air blow onto my face like little kisses and twirled my hair, this was like nature calling to me. I looked up to see clouds covering the sun making it darken all around me. That's when this eerie feeling washed all over me, like there was a pair of eyes on me watching my every move. I looked all around in a circle with butterflies fluttering in my stomach. But I decided to go forward for there was just me and the animals. I finally made my way to the edge of the forest and looked at how tall the trees were, like skyscrapers in the sky, which made me a tiny ant. I was on a mission, to find that tree in my dreams. I felt like I was getting lost, for each tree looked the same and I have already walked at least a half mile into the forest, but those butterflies never rested and my stomach twisted in knots.
I thought about turning around, but I felt it. This connection, so I followed to be led to the hollow oak tree with nothing but dead foliage surrounding it. Like death at the heart of the forest existed.
Then I heard something, a twig being snapped into two on the ground. I froze, my breathe caught in my throat and fear being washed down my body coldly. I couldn't move but I wasn't alone someone had followed me! My toes and fingers had gone cold in fear and I felt light headed, but the light careful steps got closer till they were right behind me. I slowly turned my head to meet my end. I felt like I was on autopilot, being controlled by a nightmare, and when I caught the figures outline I noticed the feet first dressed in expensive fine shoes. Then the bleached, faded jeans under a leather jacket. Then I met the face if my attacker, but went blank when all I saw, was pale blue crystal clear eyes.

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