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“Come on, stop being such a wuss,” Barked Chase.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Tony objected.

“Yeah, sure, I do this all the time.”

Chase was a nasty looking kid who had a hankering to get his nose into trouble every two minutes. He used as much grease in his hair as George Clooney did in the movie, “Oh brother, where Art Thou.” The kid took a shower once a week. He was 5’ 11” and had the muscles of Zeus, The Greek god. He used them for good, but mostly evil. Also, he stunk like a skunked sprayed in a gym locker room that had dead raccoons in it. Finally, his grades were as good as his hygiene.

Tony, on the other hand, was the exact and total opposite. He looked like a nerd from an old movie. He tucked his Polo into his no-name jeans that came to about his belly button. He wore Harry Potter glasses, and on his feet were, what he thought, very stylish blue Crocs. He was about 5’ 4” and was a scrawny twig. However, he got great grades and took a shower almost every day.

Standing there, still contemplating a big decision, he rushed after Chase calling, “Wait up! I’m coming!”
They had entered the Boston Avenue Park late one cold night. Tony was hesitant, because his mom had nagged him to stay in the city, especially Chase.

As Tony caught up, he found Chase standing there, back turned, and looking up at a tree four times the size of any other in miles. It was the legendary Long Wood Tree.

“Gimme a boost,” he ordered to Tony.

“You’re not actually suggesting you’re going to attempt a climb so high that when you get up you probably won’t even be able-”

“You’re rambling again,” Chase interjected. Tony stepped over to his “friend and knelt down, signaling Chase to step up on his tiny little body.

The weight of this hairy, pubescent, monster was extraordinary. Suddenly, Tony felt like Atlas, the man who supposedly held up the entire world. When the gigantic beast got off the puny wimp he made it to a little crevice, where he could begin his assent.

After a few minutes, Tony started getting g very anxious. His mom was expecting him home by nine and it was already 8:10. It had been 10 minutes since Chase had set foot on the colossal tree.

“Tony! Tony!”

“What?” Tony spat back.

“I’m stuck on a branch. Climb up and help me down.”

“I told you so” Tony whispered under his breath.

Ton y, being a great and loyal friend, decided to help the poor oaf down.

Tony was cursing to himself. He wasn’t exactly the most athletic guy so he took his time climbing. Finally, he reached Chase and was instantly attacked with, “Hey bozo, get over here and help me down.”

Chase was dangling by the back of his belt. As Tony looked at chase he recalled their friendship from the beginning. Naturally, it started out as two toddlers just getting into trouble having a good time. But, as they grew up, Chase got big and strong. Tony kept drinking his reduced fat milk, but stayed his scrawny self. Chase’s size went straight to his head. Their friendship became a constant abuse of Tony.

With the last words Chase had given him, Tony had an epiphany. He wanted out of their friendship. NOW!

With rage in his eyes, Tony began unbuckling Chase’s belt.


They were about 100 yards up in the air. This was no game. Tony was dead serious.

“Tony, I’m sorry for treating you the way I do. STOP. Please just help me down.”

A couple of motions later and the belt came loose.

Branches cracked, leaves rustled, and the last thing Tony heard was a distant thud.

That was the end of Chase Michaels.

“I’m free” tony whispered to himself…

It was 12 years later and Tony was finally going to get out of prison. He was 27 years old. He stepped through the NYC jail doors and took a deep breath. The sweet smell of pine trees filled his crooked nostrils.

HE walked into the park on Boston Avenue and approached Long Wood. He regretted doing what he had done since the second he touched Chase’s belt. He had ruined a family.

Why had he done it? Was there any other way?

Suddenly the phrase “Look before you leap,” came into mind. He surely had not. The experience would haunt him for the rest… of… his… life.

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MadilynRose123 said...
Feb. 7, 2013 at 5:10 pm
I liked it, but at the beginning, you described Tony as totally indecisive and weak. He just didn't seem like the character to end up killing Chase. I would add a bit  more detail about Tony's demented mind, to give the reader a little more insight on why he would do this. 
Nathan D. replied...
Feb. 7, 2013 at 9:17 pm
Noted. And thanks
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