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Ghost Story

By , Danville, PA
It started out as a typical Tuesday morning. Woke up, got ready for school, then went to the mall with some friends. When I got home, it was dark. I had this feeling like someone was watching me. I ignored it, so I went to do homework. While doing homework I heard this big bang coming from the upstairs. Sounding like a gun was fired. I jumped up real quick, ran to the next-door neighbors. I hurriedly walked up the steps, trying not to fall, knocked on the door and asked if they heard something that sounded like a gunshot towards my house…but they didn’t. My neighbor offered to walk me back home. We walked back over to my house, he checked the upstairs and said nobody was in there and there was no damage. So I sat there and thought for a minute. I figured I was just going crazy. I heard it again, but this time I went to check it out by myself. When walking up the steps very slowly I heard a door creek, like it was opening. I walked in the bathroom looking around to make sure that no one was in there. I didn’t see anybody…until I looked in the mirror. I saw a man with blood running down the side of his head. I ran down the stairs almost falling because I was so terrified. I picked up my phone trying to call my friend to see if I can stay at her house for the night until I knew what was going on. By the time it started ringing the phone flew out of my hands like someone knocked it out of my hands. Being the stupid person I am, I ran back upstairs not thinking. I walked in the spare bedroom and saw a women standing over the old mans dead body with a gun in her hand and blood running down his head. I ran to my neighbors again and asked to use their phone. I called the police. They came and I told them what had happened. They didn’t believe me. The same thing kept happening for the next couple days. So I called in the priest. He told me that the house was haunted. He also told me what had happened. One night the man came home from work. Like every night, when he got home he ate then watched TV. After he was done watching his favorite TV show he decided to go upstairs. He heard his wife in the spare bedroom. He walked in and she was facing the window looking out it. He knew sooner or later that his wife was going to go crazy and do something horrible. He walked past the closet door and just stood there. She turns around very slowly still looking out the window. No sooner he seen the gun in her hand he turned around real fast and tried running away but by that time…she shot him in the head and blood just ran down the side of his face.

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