January 31, 2013
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I could distinctively smell the crisp smoked flesh. My lungs were in a state of dryness as though they were filled with ash.

I was trying to stand but something was restricting the movement of the lower half of my body. Possibly a fallen beam, it was difficult to tell.

I looked around for a moment searching for something to hint at my location; my eyes burning, all I could see was a thick blanket of flames surrounding me. Sizzling embers fell upon my face, making loud bubbling and crackling sounds. My flesh screamed in pain, I let out a cry yet I was cut off, choking back the thick, dainty, smoke that filled my lungs. It had become so dense that it seemed to penetrate my chest. Another beam fell as it reached toward the ground it let out a thundering cry. I took a deep breath as the flames slithered closer to me; they began to smother my entire body within seconds. I closed my eyes: “This is it; this is how I’m going to die! I’m going to be burned to death!” A single tear slid down my cheek was evaporated almost immediately after being bombarded by the smoldering room, leaving behind but a few salt crystals of which reflected the furiously red embers.

My eyes flung upon and I frantically searched the room, there was movement toward the back of the burning room. There was a large pile of debris, my eyes narrowed as I tried to focus in and get a clearer image. It was almost difficult peering through the thick haze. My heart began to quicken its pace; there was it was lying motionless, a charred hand. I yelled, “Are you okay?” Sitting there silently waiting for a response I found it difficult to be patient. The thought kept racing through my head: “This person is dead.” I let out another booming: “Are you okay?” Once again: no response. I came to the realization that who ever that person in the corner is, is dead. My mind went blank.
Blocking out all the chaotic noise I heard a loud knocking, I thought frantically: “I’m saved!”

I lay there waiting. After laying there for what seemed like forever, still trapped reality hit me: the knocking had come from the beating of my own chest. Just then: another beam fell; it came crashing down toward my body. Nobody was coming for me.


We were lying on the couch: giggling and squealing; his hands maneuvering over my ribs, his fingers gently caressing my sides. I thought to myself: “This is my safe place, right here in his arms.” I stopped laughing, then grabbing his hands; I gazed up into his eyes: “Never leave me.” He then brought himself closer to me and whispered softly into my ear: “I won’t.” He kissed my forehead and quickly stood up; his toned muscles outlined by the tightness of his black shirt.

Reaching out to me; he playfully picked me up off of the couch, twirled around; and then, with me still in his arms, he sat back down on the couch. “What movie do you want to watch?” He asked. I handed him the remote: “Surprise me. Pick something scary.”

He turned the TV on and flipped through the horror category on Netflix; most of the movies were those of which we had already seen. He came to a newly released film: Silent Hill; the cover intrigued me. “This one?” He asked. I looked up at him: “Yeah that’s fine.”

As the movie began I shifted to get comfortable; moving slightly to left, my body filling the space between Cody’s body and the back of the couch.

We were about thirty-four minutes into the movie when it came to an intense scene; I tightened my grasp on his torso. His grip also tightened letting me know that he wasn’t going to let go. I closed my eyes and relaxed; my whole body seeped into a deep sleep.


I tried to jerk my self free from the beams, flailing my arms. “Help!” I yelled. “Somebody help me!” Then I heard a soft familiar voice: “Shhhhhh. It’s okay. I’m right here.” My eyes slowly crept open: Kane was gazing down at me; his face was filled with worry. “It was just a dream. I’m right here. I’ll always be right here.” His head fell and met with mine. He relaxed. I did too.

I was saved.

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