The haunted hospital 1

January 27, 2013
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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a hospital. It was a legend that if people visited the hospital they would die right there and then. Everyone was scared to step on foot on the step. Even my friends were fearful. All of them were tough people. I decided that I would be the one to do it. A wide crowd watched as walked closer and closer near it. My foot lands on the step, but nothing happens. “ Guys, its fine. Nothing happened. Join me.” I say to my friends. They join me and we go into the hospital together. The doors are black with scratch marks all over it. We hold each other really tight. We dash through the front doors. The door slams back and we hear a lock. “ What was that.” My friend says. I try to open the door, but its locked. “ The door is locked.”
We start crying for help. We are banging on the door. “ Well, since we can’t get out lets walk around.” I say nicely. “ Also lets split up, ok.” “ No, I don’t want to.” My worried friends say. “ We have to.” I yell at them. “ Fine.” They all say in unison. “ I will be alone and the rest of you guys split up in two’s.” I say trying really hard to be polite. We spread out in different places. I go down a lengthy hallway, made a left turn, and three doors down to the kitchen. It had broken bottles, pictures of famous people, and had rotten food with mice all around it. I start to get these chills behind me. I do not want to look back. I get frightened by a bottle dropping. It was as loud as thunder. My heart dropped like the bottle. I was so hungry that I could eat an elephant. I scavenge the room for any fine food. Nothing, but mice. It was revolting. Abruptly, something rips my hair out like I was a Barbie doll. I screech really uproarious. I weep out for help. “ Help, help, help, help, help.” I say discouraged. Why won’t anyone relieve my grieve. I race out the filthy kitchen doors. I walk into the dreadful hallway. I see something that surprises me. Its smelly bodies of my best friends. Their bodies were in a neat row. Their face was slashed with a firm hammer. It poisoned my soul. I run to the front doors. I keep on banging on the door. I run through the hospital to find a secure room. I run into an obscure room in the children’s infirmary section. It has dolls that were cut in the middle of the body. It was totally creepy. I turn around and behold a girl wearing a silk dress. It hugged her curves. Her face was pale as a ghost. She is a ghost. I think to myself. I crack up laughing. She holds her doll tightly and is speechless. I put my hand out gently for her to grab, but no. She draws out a glossy knife. “ I’m here for you.” She yells at me. “ What a evil child you are. Stay away from me.” I shout at her. She blocks me in the room. She runs at me, stabs me, and leaves me to die. My body breaks down. I gasp for my last breath and then I finally let go. My soul still roams the building with the girl holding my hand, and my friends scattered around.

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