January 22, 2013
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She opened her eyes as the chain from her arms shackled.
"Where am I!? What do you want from me?!” Shanay shrieked.
She started to hear footsteps from afar, but she could tell that the person was trying to keep their distance from where she was at. Someone had loosened the cloth that was blocking her eyes, it was dark but she had been here before… She glanced up above where she chained.
A man stood there watching Shanay. The man was still as a statue; with no movement he stared at Shanay, and shook his head.
The man was holding a gun with his right hand, he pointed at Shanay and made sure he had a lock on her. A red dot flashed on her forehead.
Shanay looked at the man but all she could do was close her eyes and think about her love ones, how much she has taken some of them for granted and how she took advantage of them.
She closed her eyes, until she heard the trigger click.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Shanay shrieked as she woke up from her booming alarm clock. She looked around her bedroom, everything was normal.
The view of the forest calmed her down as the birds chirp their morning songs.
"It was all a dream...” Shanay whispered under her breath.
The wind blew and the trees rustled.
"It was all a dream...”
Heading downstairs Shanay noticed something that was off, the banana... It was in a different angle from how she set it down last night. Before taking another step she paused.
"Something's not right..."
She took a step down the stairs and noticed that her front door lock was horizontal, meaning that someone had unlocked the door. She also felt something weird, she looked down upon her chest and a red dot was on her. Without hesitation she moved and a dart shot at the wall.
She was being hunted this time.
Shanay ran to her room, and headed straight out the window.
When Shanay built her house she had trees planted by the balcony of her room so if anything severe happened she could climb the trees and escape immediately out in the woods.
"All I wanted was a normal life, and that's why I started over, lived in the woods, far off from the people that I've known and worked with. This can't be happening."
She had a feeling that the person was but she could not believe her assumption.
Her brother.

Twenty years ago.

"Your next assignment Ms. Shay."
I looked at my next target, hmm.
I knew this man. He's a nice person but too bad I have to kill him. When it comes to my work, I have to do what I have to do no matter who the person is.
"Yes sir" I replied.
It didn't take me long to kill Mr. Anderson, the usual "please have mercy, I have a family to feed" line and so on, but I knew it was all bullshit... It always is. All they care about is their own life and not anyone else, makes me wonder how people can live a life like that.
I live for myself, and especially for my brother.
My brother means the world to me and I would give my all just to protect him…
When I was little my parents were murdered, my brother and I were left with nothing. Not a cent. Not anything. It was the hardest time of my life, but I couldn’t give up because I had him. He was the only reason why I kept living in this cruel world; if it wasn’t for him I would’ve ended myself before my own body did. As the years went by, I was offered a job. A job that was very unusual, but made me earn a lot of money.
I was asked to kill.
Kill a person, an actual human being. When I was a little girl, I watched my parents die in front of my eyes, I listened to their last words, and screams until their blood was spilled on the floor while I hid in a tiny hole. To me there was nothing more painful that can compare to that.
So I did it.
I took the sheet of paper from the man, and it had all the information of the target I was asked to kill. Age, sex, everything, even where and when to get the job done. It was an easy task, just a few stabs with a sharp pocket knife and the deed was done.
That’s how I kept me and my brother alive. I killed and murdered, but I had to do anything to keep my brother from starving, and having a roof on his head. That’s when I decided to stay to this organization.
Ten Years Passed
Ten years passed and my brother was grown to a beautiful man that he was, and I was still working for the organization. There wasn’t anything for me out there in the world, I didn’t go to a school where I had records, and I couldn’t get a new job. It’s not like I could walk in and just say,
“Hi, my name is Shanay and in my previous job, I killed people.”
There was nothing. So I stayed with my life, and what I did best.

When my brother got married, we lost communication. Our brother and sister relationship that we had disappeared. We didn’t talk, nor visit. I didn’t know what happened to my brother, but I let him be because I knew he would make the right choices with his life.

I was wrong.

“Your next assignment Ms. Shay.”

I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw. In the column where the picture of my next to my target would be was my brother.

I couldn’t breathe.

I took the paper, and immediately walked into one of the rooms. I tried to catch my breath, but my heart was beating so fast. I looked down at my next target. My eyes did not fool me.

But I had to do it.

There, my brother sat at the bench I used to take him to when he was a little boy. I couldn’t believe after so long, I would have to meet him like this. After all those sacrifices that I made for him, it was me ending his life after all.
Present day

Shanay had to come back and see for herself. Was it her brother that tried to capture her? Or was it someone else? She needed an answer sooner or later.

That night she waited until it was dark enough to go back. Slowly climbing up her room, she tried to be as quiet as possible. A simple noise could ruin everything.
A bird flew nearby, and Shanay’s eyes followed.

She let out a small gasp, her surrounding started to swirl, her body started to get weak as she fell on the wooden floor, and there was nothing she could’ve done.

Shanay’s eyes opened as she tried to gain consciousness.

“Funny place to choose my death bed” she smiled.

"I didn’t mean to make it all dramatic but it seems like you’ve been re-visiting this place a lot.” A man’s voice said out loud.

She took a good look around the room, dark, and small. She still saw the little hole she hid from; as she watched her parents fall.

I guess the third time is always the last, she thought to herself.

“You’ve been taught well brother...”

“I only learned from the best…” He smiled at his sister once last time, as he held the gun up high.

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