The Monster

January 21, 2013
The first thing I felt was rain. Lots of rain. It went through my shirt and made me shiver. I stood up. I was in a room; the walls were made of large stone, and the stone had markings etched in. I looked up and there was no roof; just a dark sky, filled up with smoke. I moved closer to the markings on the wall. They were dull. The rain had worn them down. I passed my fingers on top of them, and slowly read what it said.


I backed up a bit, then laughed. I mean, that was probably just some joke. Last thing I remembered was a party, and going out into the woods. I remember being drunk as hell too. Some of my friends probably just dumped me here as some joke. I looked around the room. There had to be a door somewhere. I knocked on the stones, trying to figure out if I could get through somewhere. That's when I started to worry a bit. What if I passed out in the woods, and some major psycho took me here? I started to pound on the stone. I practically sh***ed in my pants. I mean, I was stuck, and cold, and just realized, I was hungry too. I screamed. Someone should have heard me. Suddenly, it became darker than it already was. I heard moans. Deep moans, everywhere. I turned. There was a man. Just one man. But all the moans came from him. He was like no one- ever. He was every dead body, in one man. But he was alive. He was alive, and he was smiling, at me. And it was sad. He was sad. He reached out. He wanted help. He wanted to be alive. He was death. He wanted help, he wanted life. He missed it. It wasn't right. I went towards him. He was so sad. I wanted to help. I reached out for him….

But he was gone.

In his place, there was a monster. A monster of darkness. He grabbed my wrist, pulled me in. He was darkness, he was death, but he didn't need help. He needed another death. On his body, red eyes looked out from the darkness. They looked at me, hungry. He didn't need help; he needed my life. I couldn't pull away, I couldn't scream. I could just look into his eyes as he took me.

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