What would happen pt. 2

January 12, 2013
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I stood shock still while the girl, (whom I never bothered to remembered her name), she jumped up and over the man. Now this wasn't some Jason masked guy, he was about 6'8 and lithe he was dressed in a white tux like he was heading to a formal event. Anyway the girl was running away from this freak of a man. "wait! you can't just leave me here to deal with this....this....thing!" i shouted at her.
"Don't worry I'm heading to storage to get some weapons don't move and he won't bother you!" she called down the corridor. As I watched her turn the corner, I could feel the man coming toward me. As I tried hard to hold my ground the man reached his hand out and put it on my cheek.
when his hand came in contact with my skin ice started running in my veins, as I saw pictures coming and going in my line of vision. It was like watching a movie in fast forward, I saw a man and a woman walking down a beach. The woman as I saw her was short, not even reaching 5'2, with long black hair, and a smile that even if it was a picture made me smile. She was holding hands with the man who was 5'6 and he had short crew cut blond hair, and was pointing to something out to sea, saying something to the woman. Then the pictures stopped and the man fell down with blood running down the side of his head and his back, where two knives where implanted in the man. I looked up and saw the girl standing there with a smile of satisfaction on her face...holding a box filled with the knives......

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JYazzmen said...
Jan. 19, 2013 at 3:28 pm
sorry about the title, you guys.... it's supposed to say you never know what would happen it's the second part to the first on
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