The Subway Girl

January 11, 2013
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There was a dream I had a while back when I was in Korea. There was a little girl that went on the subway at the first stop and always got off at the last stop. She had long, wavy, dark brown hair and glowing brown eyes. She sat there with her head down, her hair covering her face except her eyes.
People stared at her and were able to see the tears flowing down her face. The subway train had one cart and in the cart there were fourteen seats. Each row of seven facing each other. The girl sat in the fourth seat of one row. Everyone was scared of her so no one sat beside or in the same row as her. They either sat in the other row or stood up.
The little girl lacked innocence, she set off a scary aura. One day, I sat beside her and thought that she looked familiar, really familiar. I asked her what was wrong. The little girl raised her head just a little and said in a small, weak voice,
"I've lost my way and I don't know how to get back. Please... Help me."
I asked her politely if she knew where her parents were and she said that she didn't have any.
"Oh, I'm sorry." I said.
Her eyes flickered with anger and she yelled, "Don't be! How do I know YOU didn't make me lose my way? For all I know, you could be the one who caused me to fail."
She pushed me away and I got off at my stop. The next day, there was a cave in, the cart was crushed underneath the rubble, the only one who lived was the engineer.
He said that he was sure the little girl was on the train but they never found her body. She just vanished.

A year later, a TV crew decided to challenge some construction workers into fixing the subway in one week. The workers agreed and they started working immediately. I started to feel worried, that poor girl was probably waiting for her parents to come and find her yet they never wanted her back.
There were many problems with the construction, several died, the tunnel kept caving in over and over again and some workers were scared. They believed that it was all the little girl's doing and that her ghost was haunting them.
One day, while almost finishing up the construction, the workers heard a faint rolling sound. It was quiet but it was there, a rolling sound...
They looked around to see what it was and it was a head, slowly rolling their way. The construction workers finished up their work, took the money and left.
Once again, the one cart subway line was open and it was very cheerful. You were able to see through the big front window, watching the big bundles of rock pass them by.
When suddenly, they heard a deafening scream and the little girl's body flew onto the front window. Her brown hair looked black as if it were soaked with blood and her face was cut and also covered in blood. She had no fingers and no eyes. Everyone screamed, including me. Later on, reporters told us to describe the way the body looked, everyone described it but when it came to the engineer and me, we both said that the body wasn't pushed onto the train. It also didn't fall onto the train. It was by will, which meant that girl is alive. This happened several times and after striking fear into everyone's heart, she disappeared again. But in the morning at the first stop, the engineer said that he was able to feel a cold presence come over him and then a headache. The fourth seat in one of the rows was red, as if it was freshly stained with blood. I stayed on the train until the last stop and I heard the little girl crying and whispering,
"I've lost my way, can you help me?"
I sat down in the seat beside the red one and I saw her, her head down and her eyes wet with tears. She looked up and at that moment, I knew why she was familiar.

That girl was me.

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