The Monster Inside

January 10, 2013
He stares at me.
Trying not to feel bothered, I just keep scrubbing all of the dirt and grime off of my complexion. I am longing for the cleanest of faces. Nothing but the purest of them. But, that's just one of the problems. I just wish that he would stop at staring at me.
Peeved, I glance at him. All that I can't help but notice is his shrill, tucked-in sort of face. His eyes are the shade of dark velvet. His nose is deformed, oozing out gunk from the nostrils. His lips are dangerously thin and open like a tunnel. It still makes me question as to how something so fearful can reflect upon a shiny, illuminating glass. I wonder why he chose me. And my mirror. My life. I just wonder for all three. I place my hands on the cold edge of the sink. I confront him once again.
He shrieks, I breathe a breath of bravery. The beast in the both of us is too strong. He attacks me once again, coming into my soul with his filthy self. I hear a high-pitch holler inside of my being - it's him. I holler back. GET OUT!!! He listens, and he leaves. Being typical, he is still there... Still back in the reflection of myself being through the mirror. Mysteriously, I begin to notice a new change in him. He seems weak, he struggles to hold himself up. Suddenly, he shrieks yet again, this time, louder. He collapses and turns into a million little dust particles. He's gone, but I will never live down my deceits.

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