4 Girls, 1 Killer

December 27, 2012
By mina11 GOLD, Sylvania, Ohio
mina11 GOLD, Sylvania, Ohio
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Cameron's Life
We were all watching Paranormal Activity in Makayla's house. Alone, in the dark.
Scarlett, with her pin straight blonde hair and lucid blue eyes, Valentina, with her chocolate brown hair curled in perfect ringlets, and Makayla, with her wavy bronze colored hair and twinkling hazel eyes, jumped with every noise because the movie. I can't believe them. This movie isn't even scary. All of a sudden we heard a loud bang coming from outside. Everyone jumped, including me.
"Makayla, what was that?" questioned Valentina
"I thought your parents were out of town?" hissed Scarlett. "Is it your sister?" asked Valentina. "No, she isn't supposed to be home for 4 hours. I think it was something outside,"
cautioned Makayla. "Will you go outside and check?" pleaded Valentina. "You guys, calm down. You're just jumpy from the movie. I bet the wind just
knocked down a trash can," I remarked. "Will you just go and check, please?" pleaded Scarlett. "This is stupid, it's just the wind. Whatever, you guys won't calm down until I go
outside." Sighing, I walked outside and closed the door slightly behind me. With its jeweled moonlight, the moon illuminated the street and Makayla's house along with the eerie glow from the street lamp. I looked around, and walked into the middle of Makayla's crisply cut lawn. I saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. It was completely silent. I was turning around to go back inside when all of a sudden, darkness overwhelmed me. I couldn't breathe or see anything at all. I tried to scream, but only a slight scream came out. Then everything went black.
Makayla's Life
"Its been a while, do you think Cami is ok?" I inquired. Just then I heard a slight screech.
"Did you just hear that?" asked Scarlett a bit frightened. "Yeah... I think I should go outside to see if Cami is alright," I said. I went outside,
and looked around every shrub and between every house on the street and every nook and cranny I used to hide in when I was little around my house. Maybe she's in the lake... I spun around to look at the perfectly still, crystalline water it looked like the moon
Samina Hejeebu 12-12-12 English
was in the water. I could tell it hadn't been disturbed for awhile. I finally gave up and went back inside.
"I can't find her anywhere, where could she be?" I asked.
"I dunno. Do you think someone...do you think someone kidnapped her or something?" Valentina whispered.
"Who would do that?" Scarlett said.
"No idea. There are kids at school who hate her, who wouldn't hate the queen bee? Plus, she is absolutely gorgeous, her blonde half curled hair and sparkling blue eyes, not to mention her dazzling smile," I said.
"But would anyone hate her enough to kill her or kidnap her?" Valentina asked. "I dunno, but lets keep this between us," I finally said after a long pause.
Scarlett's Life
"Have you seen Cami today?" "I haven't seen her, she wasn't in English," I said softly. "Mrs. Sparks called me asking if I knew where Cami was," Valentina revealed
after a pause. "What did you tell her?" Makayla pried. "I said we hadn't seen her since your party." Ping ping. I grabbed my phone out
of my purse and looked at the message.
Come to the Redwood Graveyard at 10 tonight. If you bring anyone other then Makayla and Valentina, you will be gone just like Cameron.
After reading the message, my immediate thought was we have to go, we may be able to find Cami. After showing Makayla and Valentina, Valentina asked,
"You think it's worth the risk?"
Valentina's Life
While heading up to the graveyard, I got a bad feeling. First of all, it was obscure. The moon was the only source of light we had, other then the occasional creepy lamp post. This person may have Cami, but we were following blindly. We have no idea who this person is and why they want us there.
"Alright, it's ten o'clock and no one is in sight. What should we do?" "Let's take a look around at the stones. Maybe they left a note," I said. "I'm not sure we should do that," Makayla said a bit frightened.
"It's fine, lets take a look around. You start in the first row and Scarlett starts there," I instructed pointing to the row the farthest away. "I'll start right here."
After looking for awhile, suddenly Scarlett shrieked while looking at a grave stones. Makayla and I came running after her.
"Lo-loo-look." I slowly read the stone with my heart beating rapidly, it read,
Cameron Sparks 1994-2012 It was her time to leave.
"Oh my god. It's....it's...." I said.
"Cami.... She's dead." Makayla hesitated with tears in her eyes. We embraced in front of her grave sobbing.
Makayla's Life
I can't believe this, she...she's dead. No one ever hated her enough to kill her!
"Hey Makayla, how you doin'? You must be devastated after everything that's happened. I brought you some roses thinking it could help you," my sister Dahlia said.
"Thank's, I really appreciate it. I'm more stunned then anything else. Who would kill her?" I replied quietly. Dahlia just stood there with a loss for words, finally she spoke.
"Makayla, there's something I need to tell you. But we need to go somewhere else." I followed her to our porch over looking the shimmering lake. She was silent for a minute or so before she finally spoke. "It was me."
"What do you mean?"
"I killed Cami, I blindfolded her and put tape over her mouth when she was about to scream. I'm the one who sent the message, I'm the one who buried her alive in her own grave." I was utterly silent for two minutes with tears streaming down my face.
"Why? What did she do to you? She was my best friend, and my own sister killed her?"
"She always had everything. We've also always had a rivalry. Do you remember Josh? The guy I was engaged to? She stole him from me, she's made my life miserable."
"You're not even the same age as her. You're 4 years older! Your acting as if she was in your class."
"Makayla, listen to me-" "Listen to you? How can I do that after you just killed my best friend?" I roared at
"You can't tell anyone about this. Not even Scarlett and Valentina unless you want to see me in jail."
"That's the only place I want to see you right now. Who knows, I may be next! I did score better on the SAT and ACT! I'm not even sure if you're worthy of being my sister or having the same last name as me!" I shrieked, then I stormed back inside with tears pouring out of my eyes before she could say another word.
Should I tell them? The mystery would be solved, but my sister would go to jail. Scarlett and Valentina would want to tell the police. Should I tell them the truth? Do I
want to face the consequences? What would be worse, them finding out I knew and didn't tell them or telling and facing the consequences?
That night, I slowly typed out over a text to Scarlett and Valentina, I know who killed Cami. My finger hovered over the send button but before I could stop myself, I erased it.
Scarlett's Life
Finally, some time to ourselves, just Valentina, Makayla and I. No press, no questions, nothing. I turned on the tv and was about to change the channel when something caught my eye.
"THIS JUST IN! The mystery is over, Cameron Spark's case is now closed. Someone anonymously sent us evidence that matches the description of what happened from best friends Scarlett, Valentina, and Makayla. It turns out the Dahlia Kane, Makayla Kane's older sister, killed Cameron," The news caster announced. I turned off the tv because I couldn't bear to listen anymore. Valentina sat there dumbstruck.
"Did you know?" I interrogated her before she said anything. "No.... not at-" "Answer the question!" "Yes..." She said quietly.
"Why didn't you tell us?" "I was afraid that you would turn her in." "How can we trust you? You lied to us about who killed our best friend. Well I
guess you're not a true friend." "Did you want me to turn in my own sister?" "Well I guess we'll never find out because now all of Redwood knows before her
2 best friends did! Now get out of my house!" I blared.
"What do we do now?" Valentina murmured after she left. "We mourn for Cami, and forget about Makayla." I said.
Makayla's Life
After leaving Valentina's, I decided to take one of the roses Dahlia gave me and visit the graveyard. I went to the 4th row and third tomb in. I slowly bent over to put the rose on Cameron's gave. While heading back to my house I heard a noise that could only mean one thing. I heard the scary ring of police sirens.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after my favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars. I love mysteries and instead of someone providing it for me, I though, why not provide it for others?

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